Hi First post on the new site!! I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Hope everyone’s as good as they can be. Think that’s our good weather gone again-raining here (Glasgow) and gettin cold . Denise xx

Hi Denise. I’ve had MS for well over 12 years and (worse still - to you anyway) Eh’m fae ra East coast (Dalgety Bay). Welcome! Marcus.

Hello Marcus, Its good to have more MSrs coming back on board that we all know! Welcome back, Take care, Domestic goddess x

welcome back Denise, it has been a while lass. The forum here is little different from the old one other that the layout is slightly changed. How are you getting on lass Willie

Hello to you too Pleased to meetcha Clarex

Hi Denise I don’t post too often but I do read the posts often. I was dx. 5 yrs ago and like you I’m in rainy Scotland. Look forward to reading your posts :smiley: Take care Ashlee

Hi Denise, The weather’s gone belly up in Yorkshire too. Mind you if felt quite weird when I was out on my scooter rolling through drifts of Autumn leaves in 30 degree heat. Back to normal - grey and damp! Jane

Good to see you, Denise. Send some of that proper autumn weather down here please - it’s baking. Alison x

Hi Claire, I used to be on the old site every day but not got used to this one yet. Good to “meet” another Glaswegian. One of my friends lives in Cambuslang. Look forward to chatting with you-have a great weekend. Denise xxx

Hi frances. there are still a few of us about, me being one of them lol. :lol: jaki xx

kwood71 wrote:

Hi all! Joined thismorning and looked for a post that I could say hi. Thanks Denise youve opened the door for me. My name is Paul. Ive been DX for 18yrs now, I first spotted somthing wasn`t right when I was 21 and fortunatly was diagnosed very quickly with RRMS. After 2yrs managed to get onto one of the first UK trials for Avonex which I stayed on for 13yrs.Side effects were taking over my life so came off 5yrs ago, getting on fine but having a bit of a wobble at the moment which is making me a bit nervous.

Hi Paul Welcome to the site Sorry about the wobble, hope it goes away again soon I’m Clare I’ve only been Dx since Jan 2011 ! I kept telling the docs there was this that or the other not right - eventually I was sent to neuro who said RRMS; I think that logically I have accepted the diagnosis; but the emotional side of my brain disagrees! It is nice to meet you Clarexxx

Welcome! I come here regularly, may be not to answer, at least to know what is troubling others. Some times others have asked what I want , there answers help me.

hi, Its fantastic weather here in scotland isnt it lol im enjoying the cold,wind and rain NOT lol oh well not long till next summer lol