September again

Hi guys - the nights are closing in and summer is gone for another year - is there many on here, I wonder that feels that their general MS health takes a bit of a nose dive during the autumn - winter months - I know myself would not feel as well mentally or physically in the winter ( S.A.D)



I’m the opposite, not sure about winter but Autumn and Spring are best for my physical and mental health.

Keep smiling.

Jan x

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Hi Stephen Redman I am a Blue toffee. Hate autumn and winter, good news going to Caribbean in October and then in January to get away from this lousy weather. Need to spend my money and enjoy a bit of life while I can, do not want to be well off in the graveyard. Remember my aunty Margaret who said she wanted to go abroad before she died. Never did, left £30k to her daughter, my cousin, she blew it in 3 months on rubbish. Do not be sad be happy Stephen, come on City Bertie

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Hi Spring/autumn are better for me. I can be weaker in the hotter weather and more stiff/spastic when too cold.

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Very interesting Stephen, my MS symptoms are slightly better in the cooler seasons, although below a certain temp my thermostat goes into weird mode and my hands and feet turn to ice. My mood improves with more natural light and longer evenings, so I am able to whinge about or celebrate any season.


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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy i feel better or already, its cooler BLISS. The only issue is the heating will go on. but not in my flat. I hate the summer but love the cold. I can stand out in the freezing cold as my spasms get so much better i am not so tired either.

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Everyone is so different when it cone to how the seasons effect MS, for me personally with SPMS I love the Sun. When winter arrives I will be off to spend a few months with with my family who live in Portugal.

Keep Smyelin

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Thanks Bertie - I will be happy if we wrestle the league title from you billionaires at Citywink Live life and spend it while you can…hope to keep on track during the winter months - heat is never a problem usually in Northern Ireland lol