come back summer

I have heard that many MS sufferers do not like the heat of summer and prefer a cooler temperature. I hate the cold and especially the damp. I am so much better in warm/hot temperatures and am really not looking forward to the onset of winter. Dont think the wife and kids will let me bugger off to the Caribbean for the next six months either!!

hi pops

i used to love the sun and would sit out in it all day or until my skin blistered.

ms has made me turn into a wet rag if it is hot.

but the cold has started to make my legs hurt.

sooooo… should i wish for heatwave or snowstorm?

gotta laugh

carole x

I find I’m worse in humid conditions rather than simply hot conditions, the cold makes me stiffen up. Gotta love the British weather

Jan x

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Hi Pops,

I am just like you. Another illustration that MS is not the same for everybody.

I dread the period from October to about March, as my symptoms worsen with the cold and damp, and also my (admittedly few) relapses have all been in that period - usually January/February time.

So far, I’m not a summer relapser. I know that’s no guarantee for the future, but somehow, once we get into spring, I always feel the period of greatest risk has passed, and I’ll probably be alright, now, 'til at least the Autumn.

I know there’s little science to this, but it’s the way it’s always played out for me in the past - if I haven’t relapsed by the spring, I probably won’t at all.




My hands are freezing cold from September to March. Every year. I live with them tucked under my legs, in my arm pits, behind my back, in gloves, what ever I can do to get them warm.