Moving to warmer, more MS friendly climes

As the interminable grey days of autumn and winter in the UK arrive, has anyone thought of moving to a sunnier country with a more MS friendly climate? I have MS and Trigeminal Neuralgia, which means taking high doses of Carbamazepine, which blocks vitamin D. But even for MS sufferers without TN, has anyone considered moving to a sunnier country or nearer the Equator, to reduce the risk of relapses? I’m really worried that the climate here is not conducive to a healthy life for MS sufferers, regardless of how much vitamin D supplement one takes. Just wondering if anyone else has the same concerns?

Interesting. Good idea…the stuff of imaginary lottery wins!

I would but it aint that simple, with family, carers, nhs etc.

Some of it could be changed, but having a chronic condition makes you wonder if it is at all feasable.

Where do you fancy going to?


No, the heat is a big no no,at least for me, it completely drains me, can barely even transfer. I did live in Cypus for 3 years (I was a lot better then, so did enjoy it, couldn’t cope with it now)

Heat stirs up my MS in alarming and unpleasant ways, so I’ll gladly stick with Oceanic Temperate, thanks!


i just want my boiler fixing!


The trouble with moving to a warmer climate is that most places are prone to seasonal changes. So what might be nice in March to June might be impossibly hot in July to September and cold in the winter. I’m thinking specifically of a Mediterranean island, whichever one takes your fancy. Plus, because 9/12 of the year they’re hot, they don’t lend themselves well to defence against the cold.

Or there’s hot all year round. Which is worse.

So for me, it might start getting cold now (and omg am I thankful for central heating) but I think staying in a place thats relatively well provided for changes in temperature will suit me just fine.

Unless I win the lottery. In which case, all bets are off, I can have a home in every place depending on the time of year.


And Carole, I hope your boiler is fixed soon. X

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No need to move if you live in London, because the pollution keeps you warm.


I’m thinking of Costa Rica. Good, stable climate all year round and near the Equator. One of the happiest countries in the world as well.


Like many people with MS, hot countries aren’t an option for me. It may be a coincidence, and the travel vaccinations may have been involved, but I had significant relapses after two trips to Egypt where temperatures hit 50 Celsius! Even a trip to the Loire Valley in France was uncomfortably hot. It’s a shame because I enjoy visiting France. Hubby says Brittany is worth considering - it’s warmer than the UK but not unbearably hot.

As for emigrating anywhere, I’d need to be able to finance Gilenya and I’d need access to a neurologist, which I also might have to pay for myself. Basically, nothing’s going to happen unless I come into a fortune.

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is Costa Rica in the hurricane corridor? and do they have a good healthcare system?

how would you earn a living.

not being a deliberate wet blanket…just these things do need considering, eh?


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Yes we bought an apartment in Menorca I always feel better in my mind and spirit. My mobility doesn’t change. I find it frustrating that i can’t do the beach very well and have to have help in and out of the sea but that is a small thing compared to the upside. If it is humid I suffer more but generally there is a breeze and it is a dry heat. The winter months are bright we tend to go every fifth week. Even my bad times seem better there

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I wasn’t as bad as I am now, last autumn/winter so its going to be interesting. I think most people would love to be able to move to a warmer climate but not stifling. Lets see how the rest of the year affects me … something to look forward to I suppose lol

The heat is a no no for me xx

We have just got back from 10 days at our house in Spain.I was worried as i had read of people with MS suffering in the heat but my wife seemed to be a bit better than usual and it was high 20’s low 30’s everyday. Not sure if she would cope with August temps!

She mentioned living there one day(which is an idea i have given up on).Trouble is whilst it may well be nicely warm for 9 or 10 months of the year the others can be very cold especially at night and house is not built for the cold like English houses are,and no heating either! Its also very hilly,but on plus side the mayor and town hall bods are making great efforts to improve accessibility where they can.