Change of seasons and MS

Hi folks - we are quickly heading into the dark nights and autumn time and my MS tells me that - feeling rough and tired etc - anyone else feeling similiar???

I seem to be one that suffers the onset of summer; the last two years, the first week of July = apparent relapse.

I am curious as to whether the local farmers use organophosphates on their crops…?

I was wanting the spring to come because of constant infections during the winter but I only managed about a month before the infections started again and the heat compounded everything so I have drawn the conclusions that autumn/winter might be preferable.

i love autumn. the smells of garden fires, the colours of the leaves. running through piles of leaves (trying not to slip).

it seems to be the one season that still fits the “temperate climate” label that britain used to have.

carole x

I seem to have a some sort of problems with every season lol, stupid PPMS lol

Polly xxx


I have more problems with spring and autumn. Summer is good as i love being warm, and winter as the heating is on. Being cold makes my body stop working to the point I can not even think straight.

Cheers folks - goes to show that we are all different…

All winter we are deprived of vit d so common time to relapse is just before we get a boost, so spring,but if levels low maybe that is why.

Pressure, weather change and really close weather before and durring storms leave me zapped!