SPRING is 'threatening' - HAVE a GOOD weekend!

Maybe ‘warmer weather’ (can’t guarantee it though) will come. Then it will be time to complain about ‘HEAT’ and MS - I wonder if if there is a ‘comfortable climate’ for MS?

Marcus. (a cure would be preferable?)

Yes there is Marcus, one where its around 20oc and 24oc, any cooler or warmer then Im unfit for purpose.

Yesterdays sun was indeed a snippet of warmer weather only it forgot to stay, well heres hoping it will come back and cheer us with its bright glow. Boy it was good to be outside for a change instead of hybernating with the central heating on and petrified of what the next utility bill will bring.



I’m with you there Bren - exactly the right temperature band for me too. It seems to have been a very long time since such lovely warm sunny weather. We had very little of it last year, roll on Spring and Summer. But not too hot please! Teresa xx

Hi Marcus, spring did threaten briefly in Aberdeen this week but then it changed it’s mind. I didn’t think the temp affects me as much as some of you but I would just like it to be pleasantly warm! Have a good weekend too Marcus! Cheryl:)

Although I agree with you all I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, I also have Lupus, so the sun is no good for me, but with the MS I like it warmer. Oh well can’t have everything!!

Janet x