Perfect weather for MS


Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I really love the weather at the moment - not to hot, not to cold and dry. Perfect for people with MS. Just a shame I can’t go for a Christmas walk.

(have even stopped taking my nifedepine for circulation as my hands and feet are staying warm).

Hope everyone has a happy new year.

Jen x

Hi Jan,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! I agree with you about the weather - on very cold days I get really stiff and on very hot days, I feel like every single little thing is an effort. This weather is fine, and it’s not windy in Aberdeen today - it was horrible yesterday! This morning, I actually managed to walk my dog to the end of my road and back - it’s not very far, but I haven’t managed it for months and today was the first time I have taken my stick and my dog out at the same time (not that I feel the need to exercise my stick very often, but you know what I mean). Luckily my dog is trained to walk on my left and I use the stick on my right, so it worked ok.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring similar weather so I can have another go!


Hi Jen,

I completely agree about the gorgeous weather we are having. The only down side to this time of year is a low sun (gets in my eyes), but I was pleased to be able to potter round the garden as the fresh air felt as if it did me so much good.

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy 2012.



Yes i love this weather too, the 23rd i was sat in the garden in the sun, eating my breaskfast and watching the squirrils at work,it felt like a spring day, not a winters day, in the park there was a tree that was blossoming,you dont see that often, this time of year do you ?

Happy new year.

jaki xx

I’m like Ferret_Girl

I always thought I was odd I can’t cope with the cold this mild weather is ok I’m not at my best but I can just about cope I just have to aslong as it don’t get any colder,

but when Its warm and sunny I feel great, I look forward to getting away for a couple of weeks every year the last 3 years I’ve been going to Turkey cause its really warm, for about 2 weeks I feel normal. I can walk about as if I haven’t MS I don’t have to take any meds or anything.

I only every came across 1 or 2 people who are the same.

MS is so different for everyone I’m glad the colder weather is better for you I know how much my friends with MS suffer in the heat.

Mark x