hi again glad some people remember me, its nice to be back, well wish i did not have a reason to be here but i have so at least i can chat to people who know what i am on about, since i was last on i have had to staet using a stick (got fed up falling into hedges ). i was so emmbaressed to start with, also someone reported me to benefits as we have a new car so i must be working , car is my mobility car and i wish i had the energy to work, any way was questioned under caution and whole thing taped, that was 4 months ago,have heard nothing still, called them and was passed from one person to another then told mr ? would call me still nothing,ihave been off my head with worry, if i ever catch the evil person who reported me, well lets say i will let them know exactly what they are.

anyway here in my little village its snowing and schools are off

chat soon



Hi Janice, hope the long worries end for you soon as possible. I’ve only had 2 or 3 falls so far but am dreading the snow this year… I’ll be swimming around in a hedgerow again, soon enough aswell I’m sure…

hehe x

Awful first that someone reported you and then awful that you were interviewed under caution AND then awful that they haven’t had the decency to get back to you and tell you what’s going on!!!

Would advise you to make a complaint but I know how hard these things are when dealing with MS symptoms as well. The things that I let slide that I should really make a fuss about!!!

Hope things improve. As you haven’t heard anything, perhaps you won’t… ever!!! Hope so.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi Janice

Oh that is awful for you to have to deal with, especially on top of ms, hope it gets sorted soon.

I remember the falling, and how embarrassed I was. I once was in the supermarket, toppled and knocked over a stack of bread, oh how I wish the ground had opened up and swallowed me in. The staff were really nice though, I was just in a heap on the floor, in floods of tears. Silly thing was, I was just as embarrassed using sticks!

Time goes on and I have gone from sticks to crutches to powerchair, but onwards and upwards as they say, and consolation is…no more falling!

You have got snow…its freezing here, too cold to snow I think.

Take care.