Good Morning

A very good morning t o one and all.

I am a 42 year old man who was diagnosed with MS back in 1998. in the last few months I have been having trouble walking around. I now use a motor scooter.

I hold down a important job but unfortunately have had to go sick from work at the moment.

I would like to talk with someone who has been thro this very low point. Knowing other people have been through this and come out the other side would help me.

Please help

Hey dude. I don’t hold down an important job, but I still work full time doing unimportant stuff that customers know more about despite my qualifications. … :smiley: So far I haven’t needed walking assistance, but can feel the deterioration over time. I think most people on here will have been low at some point. I debated getting a close up of a tree a while back… This is the place to vent. What’s on your mind ??? Same boat, different sized paddles. Andy

hiya ade

important job? men that empty bins and folk that clean toilets are important, essential jobs in my opinion

come through this and out other side? if u mean recovered then i am not the person to talk to. if you mean been through some really tough stuff and still have positive impact on anothers life then i am your lady

please dont think i am a smart a*se! i def aint but over the years i have learnt that a strong positive mind helps no matter what my carcass throws at me!

we are our own worst enemies! first we have an issue to deal with then we pile on guilt and wishing we were able again which is total waste of time!

have u got a specific question that we can try to help u with?

carraboy! i read most of ur posts and ticking off for u! i have no idea what ur ‘unimportant’ job is but i suspect u r wrong! someone notices what u do-i guarantee it! re boats-i think we are in unique single canoes but i get what u r saying! ready steady go…


Cheers Ellie. Yeah, I guess they do. I like people to leave with a smile on their face… I’m an undertaker. … :wink: (I’m not). But I’ve been down since 92 and I’m through with it. Polite and respectful, and leave them laughing. As they say - no matter how hard you push the envelope, it will still be stationary… Hugs and ice cream

Good afternoon one and all. I’ve just had a nap and a peach and some nuts, feeling much better than earlier…

ade, yes this lovely MS thing does take over, whatever your position in work and life, and it’s just one stupid thing after another. There are loads of posts on here about people who have found work gets too tough, I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to find relevant stuff, and people have gone part time, or retired and I’m sure some have changed path. You may want to consider what the difficulties are with your current job, can you move within your company, speak to HR etc, or take a completely new look at your (lovely phrase!!!) work/life balance and like Ellie says appositive attitude will help.

carraboy, what can I say,keep smiling …

I work for the railway as a relief signalman as I have done for the past 25 odd years. Im sure thias ms is the result of an accident I had while I was at work! Im down as UI have noone to talk to that understands properly.

Tell me about yourself Andy

Thanx peps. I love my job but its the driving to n from that gets to me. n then after driving I have 8 hours to stay alert. Its second nature now, been doing the same job for 25 years so there must be something about it !Doesn’t help the depression tho.

It is worth contacting Access to Work, they can help with travel to and from work including paying for taxis.

At least they did before the present government.

Good Luck

Anne (who is now retired but AtW were very helpful when I was working)

Have you spoken to anyone at work? Can you cut down hours?

also I doubt very much that your job gave you MS, it just happens to the best of us

Hi. I’m new to this forum, but I have been following it for a while. I have had this for 12 years and I still trying to come to terms with it. It is SP . I work 2 days and use Access to Work to travel there and back.

i get v fed up and low a lot. Need walker indoors and w/chair outside. How do I motivate myself to do stuff other than watch daytime telly?

I wish were retired but not yet.

I have spoken with the government re pip earlier so that will help