Hey peeps👋🏽

I feel at though ms is ruining my life :pensive:.
I don’t know how to take control of it anymore.
I feel so alone.

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Hey there - totally understandable - but we are all here for you and alot of us feel the same way, every now and again and we all have to take each day at a time - stick Radio 2 on, that’s what I do and it helps me through the day

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Im currently listening to lofi live on YouTube that’s helping me this morning. I hope you have a good day

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Thank you redman, i appreciate your kindness :orange_heart:

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Hello sweetie. I’m sorry to hear how you are feeling.
I’ve had PPMS for 24 years and managed quite well for most of those.

But I’ve had a UTI and fragile bladder since early September and it is truly ruining my life!!
I’m waiting to see a urologist and will be asking for Botox.

Many of us struggle with this disease and despair at times.

We are here for each other and we understand only too well.
Hang in there chick.
Love Boods xx



Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and that things are rubbish for you. Just remember you are not alone and we can understand how you feel.
I make myself feel better by watching the birds on my feeder.

Hope you feel a bit better very soon