Ive had enough

Hi everyone,

I’m really fed up, sick to death of this MS. I had my suprapubic catheter change this morning and since then I have had bad bladder spasms and now my bladder is bypassing and I’m laying on a wet bed. I can’t do anything until tomorrow morning when my carers come and clean me up. I’m too scared to have a drink because I know just go straight through me and onto my bed. I know it sounds really bad but there are times when I wish I could just go to sleep and not wake up in the morning and that’s how I feel tonight I am just so fed up with this MS. I think sometimes that I’m only 55 and I wonder how many years I have got to put up with this.

I’m sorry for being a right misery but I just needed someone to vent my feelings to. I don’t like to pester my grown-up children because they got enough of their own problems to deal with without a grumpy old mother making things worse.

I don’t like to pester my grown-up children because they got enough of their own problems to deal with without a grumpy old mother making things worse.

Thank you for listening Jane x

Jane10, firstly you are NOT a “grumpy old mother”, you’re a Mum with health issues. I truly wish that I could help you, but unfortunately I can’t. All I can suggest is “hang in there girl”, your carers will be with you soon to help you.

Hugging you mentally.

Tippy x

Also sending a gentle hug. I’m going thru a rough patch right now, yes there are times when it’s just too much. Hope things turn a corner soon.

Sonia x

Aww Jane , your message made be feel so sad ,. How awful having to lay on a wet bed all night , please don’t feel as if you are a burden to your children, I’m sure that they love you, I have some grown up children too and sometimes struggle with sad feelings of being a burden and not being able to do as much, but we can still be there for them in different ways ,My little granddaughters love sitting on my knee when we go out they are twins and are only 2 , my daughter is my best friend . I’m struggling with my bladder at the moment. I had botox last year and I’m due it again soon . I’m up on my commode several times a night and feel ashamed at times that this is where I’m at at 52. I remember my nana having a commode, as a teenager I felt it was the worst thing ever , it felt so undignified that my poor nana had come to this…she was in her 80s and had dementia so it was a kindness in away that she was unaware. I hope that you feel better soon and that the spasms go away and the leak gets sorted maybe it just needs reajusting. I used intermittent catherta for a while , I hated these , I finally got the hang of it , but the burning and the frequent infections were awful. As I said I’m due to have botox again soon , I’m not looking forward to the procedure, I found it very painful and I know that although it will sort out my urgency issues I’ll more than likely need to self catherize again . Take care Sending hugs Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Jane I am so sorry you are feeling so down. (((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))) Everyone is entitled to a grump so grump away.


May I also suggest you ring 111 if this happens again as they will send out a nurse to redo your catheter. We had to do this with my dad on a few occasions and the lovely nurses didn’t mind one bit.

Hello Jane,

Im so sorry you feel so down and wretched, I’m sure we all understand!

Do you have an emergency alarm, maybe that would help in that they come so quickly but otherwise keep your mobile to hand and do as horseman suggests and call 111, they also are quite prompt. Nobody should have to lie in a wet bed. I know that it’s possible to bypass a catheter as this happened to me years ago when I had a hysterectomy…I told the nurses and they got quite cross with me saying it was impossible so I too lay in a soaking wet bed until I was able to persuade another nurse to at least look and see if it was my imagination…it wasn’t

Thinking if you and hoping today is better for you,

sending hugs,

Nina x

Hello Jane

I am so sorry I have only just turned my tablet on and seen this so am too late to offer any suggestions, but I wanted you to know that I truly hope today is a better day for you, hang in there.

Take care (((hugs)))

Pam x

sending you some cyber ((((((hugs))))) it just all gets too much at times it really does,but we somehow get the inner strength to fac another day.Hope today is better for you.Please take the advice to ring 111 for help its not right you having to lay in a wet bed it will cause bed sores too.

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Hi everyone, Thank you so so much to all of you lovely people for your kind words and hugs. It really does mean a lot and is so helpful. I always try to keep cheerful and bright and I hate to burden people with my miseries. Last night I was really at the end of my tether and I thought Who can I have a good moan to and then I thought I know what about all the friends on this lovely forum because you already know how I’m feeling because you’ve probably been there yourselves. This morning I did rearrange my catheter and I honestly think it has helped because I’m not bypassing any more I’ve still got the spasms but at least I’m not wetting myself anymore. Again thank you so so much you are all wonderful and how good it is to know that you’re all out there ready to give a lending. Much love to you all Jane X

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So glad it’s helped, you sound cheerier and I’m not surprised - I know an indwelling catheter will be needed in the not too distant future and the thought terrifies me!

Take care and remember no matter how awful it seems, you’re not alone.

Sonia x

Hi Jane

Thanks for taking the time to advise me on my silly problem (ear thing) when you were having such a hellish time. Just read your post, MS does ****ing sucks, it’s a fact.

On here makes it better and chocolate of course. Take care, be safe and sometimes I think lucky!!

M x