Hello gang! It’s taken me months to get back on here! Some of you may recall me as MS43. I’m an old timer with 24 years living with PPMS. I’m not even sure if this will get me on or not. I’m dealing with the after effects of a particularly stubborn UTI. Two lots of antibiotics and I’m still feeling like my bladder wants to burst, despite having a draining SPC. Not sleeping well, not wanting to go out. Rang 111 last night at 2.30am.
Trying to get to see a urologist is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Arrgghh! Anyhoo…hello again! Xx

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Hiya P

I am so sorry to hear about your 2 uti’s! They are.

Am currently taking antibiotics for a uti which has up but affects my mobility and I’m still housebound.

Doubt if my mobility will improve much anyway now as it’s been going downhill for the last few years.

Hope that you do get to see a Urologist soon?

My Dr’s were totally useless but fortunately my husband got me the antibiotics from the Walk in Centre at the hospital with me in the car!

Sue xx

Hi, sorry about the pickle of the UTI, but good to see you again on the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Poll

So glad to see you on this forum,not going to lie I find this new set up really hard work, so I don’t come on much.

Sorry to hear about your UTI but getting to see anyone medical now is a struggle, but I wish you good luck and hope they can remedy it.

Take care

Pam x

Welcome to the new site. Glad you got here eventually!

Not going to lie but I don’t visit very often now. So much more difficult to follow a thread.

Sorry about your UTI , hope it’s sorted soon.