Hi everyone!
Just wondering if anyone can help. I’ve had relapsing MS for over 40 years. About 5 years ago I got what was thought to be a UTI. Every antibiotic I was given didn’t. help. Eventually bladder settled. Then 18 months on bladder flared again. I was then referred to a urologist. He’s carried out every investigation possible. He seems to think it’s MS attacking my bladder. I can go weeks without UTI/ cystitis like symptoms. Then it flares. My current flare has been going on for about 1 month. Obviously my MS all over the place. Has anyone else experienced this? I suppose I should add I’m post-menopausal. TIA


Yes I’m experiencing something similar. UTI/cystitis symptoms for over a month. Had every imaginable test, lots ruled out. GP and MS team seem to think the only option left is the MS. Waiting for a referral to urology now. Apparently this is very common with MS. I did read somewhere usually bladder issues happen 8 years into diagnosis so I’m a bit gutted this is happened to me now at not even 3 years in although it did happen shortly after a big MS flare so I suppose the timing makes sense. Glad to hear that yours settles down again eventually after a flare up, because the thought of this going on forever is driving me mad.

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