UTI or bladder problems?

Hey all

No diagnosis as yet but MS is one of the few options I’m left with (I posted a week or two ago with my story if anyone wants to read).

Anyway my question was, over the last few days I’ve noticed I want to go to the loo but it’s uncomfortable trying to initiate (sorry gross). I get the strange pain or feeling down the left side of my pubic bone area (all my symptoms seem to love my left). It doesn’t burn or anything like that so is it a UTI or part and parcel of neurological symptoms with possible MS? I had a few milder episodes of this over the last few months but initially thought I was imaging things but now it’s suddenly come back more noticeable.

I feel like I’ll sound like a crazy woman with:

Bowel/ swallowing/ numbness/ temperature sensitivity/ pain problems like as if I’m ticking off the MS symptoms. They’re all mild thankfully apart from the pain though and seem to come and go.

Thank you


Bladder problems are common in MS. What you’re describing is called retention - basically, you want to go, but your bladder isn’t obliging. It could be a UTI so definitely a good idea to get it checked out at the GPs.

Karen x

Heya…ouch sounds pianful…as Karen says could well be retention…but need to get it checked out at a gp or referal to a urologyst who could do some tests to investigate…I suffer retention also…have done since 1998. That in itself can cause a residual to build up in the bladder…and this becomes concentrated and potentially a great place for uti bugs too…hope you get it sorted soon…:slight_smile:

Thank you Karen and Scoobie retention makes sense with the symptoms I’m getting . Will try and get tested for a UTI. The unfortunate thing is my symptoms vary so much that by the time I get to see my GP that won’t be the active problem anymore, it’ll be something else (its what happened last time and my GP didn’t test me because it was gone). Maybe I need to be more adamant and say I want to be tested regardless.

Thanks again