Are these MS symptoms?

Hello all,

I have just joined the forum so that I can get advice as I have not been diagnosed with MS.

I have been feeling off for a few months now, I have had reccurent bladder issues that are like UTIs. Since April I have had UTIs about 6/8 times and I have it again now. I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee for the past three weeks. I have a sore lower back and sore abdomen when my bladder is full, which is often! I also have trouble emptying my bladder sometimes and difficulty starting to pee, even though I really need to!

In the past I have been tested for a UTI and it didn’t show any signs of one when they tested my urine. Also I don’t get the usual symptom of a UTI which is soreness when I pee. I got a scan to see if my kidneys were OK, as it is not normal to have so many UTIs in a year and all is fine with them, nothing showed on the scan.

Also, I have been having mild eye pain at the back of both my eyes. I also get “eyeaches” quite regularly, it feels like a headache but just at the back of eye. My doctor is referring me to an opthamologist, so she says.

I like to think I am not a clumsy person, but recently I have been walking into things. I haven’t been doing it that often but sometimes! This is probably just normal and I am being silly reading into it!

I really hope I am just being paranoid and that these symptoms are just symptoms of someting else. I feel silly even asking in this forum about my symptoms as I know that there are so many of you who have symptoms that are much worse than mine. So i am sorry if I am annoying! I don’t want to discuss it with my doctor as I know doctors prefer to do the diagnosing themselves!

Hi there

I think it would be worth discussing this with your GP, if only because it has worried you enough to bring you here!

I would write a short list of your symptoms to take with you, and ask if they may be connected in any way? Chase up that Opthalmology appointment too, or make an appointment with an optician. My diagnosis started with a trip to the optician.

Good luck, and try not to worry too much. Chances are, everything’s fine, but stress can make any symptoms worse, so go get checked out xx