Symptom list for neuro

Well tomorrow I see my neuro again, he always asks if I have had bladder or eye problems, always no up until now, I am going tomorrow and I have a UTI prob caused by not emptying as I am on the loo upto 8 times a night, this has gone on for a couple of weeks and now have the UTI. As for sight, I have had two episodes of double vision both lasted a couple of hours. With all the other symptoms I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say. For the appointment I have made a list of symptoms suffered:

leg and arm weakness, foot turning in, pins and needles, random pains, speech issues, confusion, co-ordination issues, the electric feeling down neck into shoulder (forgot the name of that issue), double vision, frequent urinatio, UTI, twitching in fingers

i hope it’s not MS but my symptoms suggest otherwise, symptoms getting worse every attack lasting weeks on end, second period of symptoms this year and have had some symptoms since 2007.

ill let you all know how it goes

Good luck with your appointment :slight_smile: