Neuro next week! Can you check my symptom list?

Hello Peeps :slight_smile:

I have my first neuro appointment on 7th August and am preparing a aide memoire as my GP suggested I do. I’ve listed history and symptoms. Can you have a looksie and let me know if you think it’s too wordy or not worth the effort?

Thanks and apologise for the length of this!

Symptom History

Mid 1990’s and ongoing: Restless Legs/Arms. Left leg normally. Restless arms occasionally. Never in bed at night but usually in the evening at rest. Since June 2013 at any time during rest.

Circa 2001 (aged 38): Eye pain/blurred vision. Awoke with sharp, excruciating pain in right eye and blurred vision. Went to optician who referred me to GP. GP referred me to Neurologist as by the following day I had a numb right arm and hand. Diagnosed as ‘isolated clinical event’ (?) and inconclusive for MS unless more events happened. Had resolved by time I saw neurologist.

June 2007: Arm weakness. Right arm felt weak with pins and needles and I was unable to raise it above shoulder height for around six weeks. No pain, resolved spontaneously.

January 2011: Labrinthitis, I awoke early hours with severe vertigo and tinnitus.

March 2013: Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (type II).

May 2013 and ongoing: Sudden, severe pain and loss of sensation below the waist. Legs and feet completely numb and tingling/hot. This wore off a little within 15 minutes and slowly declined over 3 days.

Urinary issue: During and after the above, had to make an effort to urinate and several times found I’d stood up and had wet legs as hadn’t realised I was still going. Gradually resolved over 2 weeks.

Numbness/tingling/burning: Left lower leg, soles of feet, left being worst. Left side of face from temple to chin. Palms of hands tingle and skin feels tight across the knuckles.

Muscle weakness: Heavy right arm, wrist feels tight. Tightness behind knees when walking, calves ache and feel weak when standing still.

Muscle twitches: Legs and arms usually at rest, occasional zapping pain.

Eye/visual: Awoke with blurred vision in right eye. Optician referred to consultant for urgent review (14th August).

Tremor: Jaw and tongue, seems worse when hot weather arrived.

This looks great, and very well worth doing.

Suggest a bit more clarity about status of recent things, i.e. what has resolved and what hasn’t?

Good luck for your appt.


Snap, that’s the same day as mine. I’m trying to get all my symptoms into some sort of order too!

Thanks girls :smiley:

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been thinking I’m just lumping together every ache and pain I’ve ever had for the sake of it at times, haha!

Two things,Imp:

  • Keep the chronology, but tighten it up like Alison suggests.

  • Now do another list of your current problems.
    Now re-do it with the biggest problem at the top (i.e. worst first).
    Next, cut it down to the five worst problems.
    Finally make two copies of each list.

When you see the Neuro, don’t hit him/her with the chronology - you want he/she talking to you and looking at you.
Tell him/her what your worst problems are - that way, if you run out of time, then the worst problems have already been brought up. Say that you have a copy of the list, and a copy of a full chronology of your symptoms - and be ready to hand them over at the end of the appointment.

Now, when you get home, you can endorse your copy “Copy handed to Dr XXX on [date]”.

This way, there can be no question, later on, as to what you told the Neuro.


Oh, good ideas there DrGeoff! Thanks :slight_smile: I’m mostly recovered since all the rubbish since May this year but my right arm and hand are odd and my left leg is stiff, achy and my feet burn at times. Will have a tidy up and put in better order :smiley:

Lyn x

Oh crikey. Have put all my symptoms in chronological order, flare ups etc. I think I need to find a way to revise it as at the moment it is 3 pages long!! Trouble is things have resolved themselves one year then put in an appearance again the next year and so on! Do you think it would work if I just put the symptoms and then various dates beside them?

Sharon x