Symptom diary

Hi all I’m seeing neuro for the first time in 2 weeks time. Iv had so many symptoms that I want to write them down to bring with me, as terrible memory I’d never remember them otherwise. The only thing is I don’t no where to start. Iv written them al, down n there’s like a a4 page. I no neuro won’t have time to sit n read so want it to be simple. Please help what have you all done. Thanks

Hello. Its best if you tell the neuro your syptoms from the list yourself rather then give the list to him. I put down the things that bothered me the most. Such as headaches, balance, incontinence, forgetfulness etc. Have a good look at your list and try and put in order of importance which symptoms bother you the most then pick maybe the top six or so. My husband came with me which I found very helpful. The Neurologist will have received a letter from your gp outlining your symptoms so try not to get too anxious about it. A good neuro will engage you and ask all the right questions. All the best too you

always take as much information as possible with you, doesn’t matter if it’s just a list of problems you are having. They may not read it but at least it is then in your notes and maybe someone will take the time to read it.

how long you had M.S.?

Iv had a dizzy balance condition n then fibro for 3 yrs. but seeing neuro now as symptoms worse n having probs with my eyes. Got swollon optic disc atm. So when I see neuro not sure wat info they will have on me. As seeing them on the say so from eye clinic, AnE n AAU, my doc doesn’t no too much on wats happened in the last mth

Great idea writing them down. I wrote mine from first symptoms 25 years ago, when I was referred to neuro. think it helped getting a diagnosis 15 years later as some symptoms didn’t require visiting a doctor.

good luck with appointment.

Jen x