Hi All I’m back to see Consultant next week. My last appointment I had with her I feel didn’t go to well, in as much as I left feeling like I hadn’t made my feelings or points very clear and that she fobbed me off with my symptoms are function and most probably due to stress!! So I’m after some ideas of how to be more prepared this time. Any help will be gratefully received. X

Hi Noodly, I suggest you write a short list of your symptoms with the one that bothers you the most at the top. Don’t give the list to the neuro as they will have a quick look and toss it to one side. Also write down the questions you want to ask because when you get in there they will be forgotten. HTH Do let us know how you get on. Thinking of you. Janet x

When my daughter had her appointment with her neurologist my daughters nurse told me to write down anything I wanted to ask and don’t be afraid to ask any questions that sounded stupid to me as there are no stupid questions. When the neuro came and went through everything with my daughter and then asked did we have any questions I whipped out my 2 sheets of A4 paper, questions on both sides. He had answered some of them during his explanation but a lot he had not and he was not phased by me asking all the questions and answered everything. If your neuro does act impatient just ignore it and keep going, don’t let them hurry you and if you don’t understand something then ask again. Also have a pen so you can write the answers down as your head might be spinning and you could forget what he says. Good luck. Linda x

My only suggestion would be to make a list as Janet has suggested. Symptoms only - leave feelings out of it. Your average neurologist is interested in neurological symptoms, full stop. Feelings (in Dr Average neurologist’s opinion) are a different department. I might be being a wee bit unfair to neurologists here, but not very unfair! I am being serious here - they usually like to deal in cold, hard fact, and anything else makes their eyes glaze over.

Oh, and take someone with you for moral support, if you think that would help. I always did, and it did help.

Good luck!


Thanks or the replays peeps. I have over the last week been going over my diary from last appointment with her and have made a list. It goes like this :- Headache with and without loss of vision or blurred Numb legs/arms Tingling patches of skin Feeling of sea sickness/dizziness Tripping over Dropping things Loss of libido/sensation (for well over a year now I’m 37, not 107!) Twitching hands/cramping legs And feeling knackered ALL the time which when you look after children for a living isn’t good… Having a bath causes my legs to feel like they are on fire and have stabbing pains in them for a good time after I get out ( not had a bath in about 8mths) :frowning: Most of these come and go some in mins sometimes days or weeks. Headaches are an ongoing thing at the mo along with tingling skin and dizziness… This has append over the last 3/4 weeks and has happened before when on holiday in Egypt at Easter this year. Dose this make any sense ?? Or is it just waffle? And dose this list sound familiar to anyone… Why would anyone want to make all this up and want to be ill??? I have a family to look after I can do without all this crap as well… Arrrrgh Thanks again for your input lets hope it works… I will let you know tomorrow :slight_smile: