In the process of being diagnosed (new)

Hi, i’m a mother of 3, 32 years old from Cardiff.

I had a form of vasculitis as a teenager, and since fallen in remission.

In 2007, I developed optic neuritis out of the blue. In 2009 I was admitted to hospital with severe swallowing pain, with some slight ‘mass’ showing on the CT scan - but not diagnosis of anything was made.

In 2010, I developed what was thought to be inflammatory arthritis.

Now, I have recently had a problem with colour vision in low light, short term memory loss, and a painful neck. I also have bouts of bladder problems, which feels like a UTI (but it’s not). THe pain with my bladder can be awful - but whne I lie down to rest/sleep it can help a little bit - and then once i move around again i have the urgency to urinate again. Is this normal with MS?



Hi G and welcome :slight_smile:

I haven’t had what you describe bladder-wise so I can’t really tell you if it’s something that’s found in MS - there are certainly lots of bladder symptoms in MS mind you so it certainly could be! Hopefully someone else will know.

Have you seen a neuro yet? If you haven’t, then it would be worthwhile asking your GP for a load of blood tests to see if there might be a vitamin or mineral deficiency - things like vitamin B12 deficiency can cause all sorts of symptoms including optic neuritis and memory problems. Although I have no idea how it would fit with your history… hmm! Well, at least if you get it all done, you will be able to fill the neuro in.

Have you seen an ophthalmologist about the recent changes in your vision? If you haven’t seen the neuro, it might be worthwhile - the neuro might find their opinion helpful. Your GP can refer you.

Trying to work out what’s going on can be a long process in neurology, and I would guess that your history might complicate matters, so do try and be prepared for it taking a while. Hopefully it won’t though!

Karen x

Hi G, The bladder problem sounds like an overactive bladder - which makes you feel like you constantly need a wee. This is very common in MS I’m afraid. Your GP can get you a referral to a specialist and there are meds out there that help. I have been on solifenacin for six years and it works really well! It is not as effective as it was when I first had it but my bladder has got much worse since then but I still could not live without it! Hth and that you get some help! Teresa xx

Thank you so much for your replies.

I’ve seen opthalmology last week - vision okay, apart from a scar from a previous optic neuritis.

I’ve been referred to Neuro, so just waiting now.

Thanks X

I was wondering - does the swallowing problem i had sound familiar to anyone? It was just so painful to swallow! X

I’m not diagnosed though the neurologist has said it looks like possible MS (I’ve had 2 MRI’s and various bloods). I’ve had bladder problems. One of my main recent issues has been bladder pain - this when bad causes referred pain down my leg and I also like you feel the need to keep peeing. I think it’s a spasm as when the bladder pain stops my peeing seems better and the leg pain goes. I’m due for my follow-up neurology review in April so will ask then but thankfully though I had bladder issues that were more constant in my first episode (they recovered), these seem more intermittent.

Hope you feel better it really isn’t pleasant. I can’t advise you re meds and things as mine recovered on it’s own thankfully and my intermittent symptoms are a recent new issue.