Could It Be MS

Hi I have some symptoms for past 3-4yrs. Started with burning pain to different parts of my arms or sometimes leg that could last from a few hrs to days I also had a few episodes where I lost sight briefly in 1eye but optician found nothing. Spoke to gp at time who said nothing wrong with me but they’ve since gone. I am a chronic migraine sufferer and take daily preventative meds but no symptoms occur with migraine but willing to accept maybe that. In past year however I have found I am forgetting words or using wrong ones ie trousers instead of stairs . I get quite a few dizzy spells and most worrying feel like I have no bladder control I go from not wanting the toilet to suddenly about to wet myself in 2 seconds . But don’t want to waste gp time etc if just worrying over nothing

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

To me, bladder problems mean that there is no way that you are “worrying over nothing” so I recommend you see your GP and ask for a thorough check up, including a full battery of blood tests.

Neurology is complicated by the fact that there are a whole load of conditions that have very similar symptoms, so while your symptoms are found in MS, it could easily be something completely different going on including something relatively easy to fix like a vitamin deficiency. The only way to find out what it is to see a neurologist, but the first step is seeing your GP.

I recommend that you make a list of your major symptoms in advance of seeing your GP so you can explain what’s been happening accurately and concisely. Even being concise, it might be a good idea to book a double appointment to make sure you have enough time to go over things properly.

I hope it goes well :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks for your reply I think because of my experience with old gp it’s made me nervous about wasting their time so nice to have an unbiased opinion.

As an update went to see my new Gp who was very concerned about my symptoms. She’s ordered a load of bloods and wants to see me when results come back and to do neuro referral. So glad my old gp has left who told me my symptoms were normal. They only ever come in episodes lasting several weeks then few months of nothing and whilst I have migraine I take daily preventative meds for this and can get symptoms on "crystal clear"days Hope to get some answers

Hi again. I’ve actually just noticed how disjointed my original post reads-not like me sorry . Thought I’d give you my symptoms properly. This episode I have had burning pain to my arms, pins/needless to arms and fingers and feet, numbness to feet and one day it felt like ice cold water thrown down my leg and my foot went briefly numb. My balance is really off and I’m not wearing heels anymore I actually had a really bad fall about 8 weeks ago from top of stairs to bottom where I don’t know what happened it just felt like when I lifted my foot it obviously didn’t go high enough as my toe caught the step causing the fall. My night vision is poor and I have to hold onto people in poorly lit areas or I’ll fall despite eye test finding nil change other than slight increased cupping to optic disc. I will be speaking and either use entirely wrong words or I’ll “stick” and cant speak at all. Some memory loss where for example I lost my phone and found it in the outside bin but had no memory of going outside even. Some urge incontinence where I have no feeling of needing the loo one minute then next have wet myself a little, am ashamed to say twice in my sleep. Between these episodes months of nothing. Thanks for reading this far Xx

Very pleased to hear that your new GP is taking you seriously and getting things moving for you :slight_smile:

Please don’t be ashamed of bladder problems. It’s very common, caused by something that you cannot control and it’s not like you’re doing it deliberately! If you want some expert advice on incontinence, you can self refer to your local clinic or get your GP to refer you.

The night vision thing may be due to poor low contrast vision: you could ask your optician or ophthalmologist to test your contrast sensitivity. I don’t know that there is anything that can be done about it, but at least you’ll know and be able to tell the neuro.


Thanks rizzo. Got bloods back and Gp wants them repeating as my vit d is low b12 and folate slightly low

Could be the answer to it all! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


i love my bladder nurse! she has given me back my dignity and i havent wet myself for a few weeks now.

i self catheterise which sounds horrific but i’m fine with it now.

i retain urine and when i use a catheter, even if i’ve been to the loo and thought my bladder was empty, i always get at least 200 mls more.

i’m now using kentera patches which have calmed my over active bladder down beautifully!

good luck

carole x

Hi carole. I get that with my bladder too when I think I’ve emptied and haven’t. I’d get off the loo and wet myself a little now I sit and move position a few times as that seems to work, its mainly bad of a morning. Thank goodness for your bladder nurse though to give you your dignity back X

Spoke to soon repeat bloods all normal. Got double appt with gp in just over a week so she can do further exam and neuro referral X