Is this MS?

Might this be MS? I have developed the following symptoms since October not all at the same time: 1st urinary incontinence - urgency, variable, some days a lot and frequent, pad will not be sufficient to prevent leaks, other times/days can manage with just a couple of pads. 2nd bowel control - control seems to have weakened to the point where I wont risk forgoing the opportunity to go pretty much as soon as I get the urge (having had a couple of accidents). 3rd Left thigh is periodically numb this starated earlier than October, so first symptom (left side of thigh and to the front) and now left leg buckles without warning throughout the day, though often OK for long periods, or doesnt trouble me if I am walking at a pace. 4th Retrograde ejaculation (apologies if offending anybodies sensibilities) not all the time. 5th Loss of grip strength and stamina, particularly left hand and tendency for hand to become trapped in a closed position after clenching. A day of double vision, no pain and only noticed I was seeing double when I went outside where there was very clear seperation of double images at a distance.

Hi and welcome to the forum! You seem to have been having a rough time of it in the past year :frowning: Certainly your symptoms are consistent with MS, BUT they could also be caused by other conditions. You haven’t mentioned if you have been to your GP or referred/seen by any specialists but I assume you have seen someone to be diagnosed with retrograde ejaculation? If you haven’t seen anyone about your other symptoms I would say that a visit to your GP is needed because at the very least he/she might be able to help you manage these symptoms. If you have been seen and you feel able to let us know what was said then someone on here might be able to advise/help you further. I’m not medically trained and I’m in limbo at the moment so my experience is limited but there are very nice helpful forum members who might be able to help you understand or advise you where to go from here. Sorry I can’t be of more help, just didn’t want you to have no replies tonight because I know what it’s like when you’re sitting waiting on them! Take care Lynn

Hi Welcome to the site! Like Lynn said you really need to be seeing your GP and pushing for referals to neurologist/contince team/opthalmology and everyone else you can think of. Don’t go assigning any bizarre effects to MS (not even if you end up with that dx). You need to get the whole battery of tests thrown at you before MS is the answer. Hopefully that will sort the wheat from chaff and there are a lot of ‘mimics’ out there that can be treated once they’re uncovered. Whatever they find you’ll be welcome to hang about round here and join in! Clarexxx

Hello, and welcome to the site :slight_smile: Just wanted to second what’s already been said. Yes, MS could cause your symptoms, but there are also lots of other things that could too. So, if you haven’t already, please get your GP to do you a referral to a neurologist. The sooner you start, the sooner you will know for sure. Karen x

Thanks everyone I am seeing the Doc and a back specialist on Monday and have already seen urologist a couple of times since December. Because of a herniated disk they want to check if its that but the MRI only indicates a possible problem with my right leg nerve L5 although I feel there is nothing wrong with my right leg; its the left one that keeps going limp on me.

Back specialist has now ruled out my herniated disk as a cause for these symptoms and thinks it might be the brain and has now referred me on to a Neurologist.

Hi Bob, Well that is one more box checked anyways, good luck with the neuro! Clare

hi im glad you are getting to see a neuro and that you’re on the right road to getting some answers. just wanted to say welcome and to let you know there are lots of us in the same boat on here and its great for support. you never have to worry about embarassing problems as every thing can be talked about. the only advice i have is to say dont expect answers for a while as the neuros need certain evidence usually before confirming a diagnosis(if it is ms) so best wishes to you. mandy xx

Thanks for the supportive comments, yes its food not to have to feel embarrassed!

Oops, I meant ‘good’ not ‘food’ - must have been feeling hungry when I typed that! Does this system allow corrections to be made?

mrbobowen wrote:

Oops, I meant ‘good’ not ‘food’ - must have been feeling hungry when I typed that! Does this system allow corrections to be made?

Don’t worry about the occasional typo, they make me smileand yours made a sort of sense! :smiley: Clarexxx