Bladder control.

Recently been diagnosed with MS, RRMS I think.

I have have some serious issues controlling my bladder, this is quite a recent symptom. My question is does this sometimes go away like the other symptoms do? My sypmtoms are quite mild and come and go, but this one is quite irritating. When I feel like I need the toilet I have about 2 minutes to get there.

I think it varies from person to person. You should see your GP to make sure you haven’t got a UTI though - it’s possible to have one without any symptoms other than a change in frequency/urgency.

You can see a continence nurse/advisor if you need some help with this too.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk about it - they’ve heard it all a million times before.

Karen x

I had this for about a fortnight. First week I couldn’t stand up without doing it and had to buy tena lady! The second week I couldn’t go at all and spent most of the time at work nearly doubled over - not sure which is worst! It’s pretty much back to normal now, just the odd occasion where it feels close.

I’m struggling with this too and am taking the advice that Karen has given you here (and gave me on my post) to get tested for a UTI at my GP appointment tomorrow. At least then I’ll know that it’s either a UTI or a symptom to add to the growing list; because I am as yet undiagnosed with whatever it is that’s causing my body to go loopy. Good luck and I hope this settles down soon for you.

Rae x


I suppose I should have said I am a bloke, and therefore less likely to get a UTI, not impossible I know, but less likely. I have had symptoms for 18 years, obviously mild, but the reason I went back to my GP was because of the bladder control issues and L’Hermitte’s sign. I went because I am knocking on a bit these days and wanted to rule out any prostate problems, but in truth knowing full well what it was.

I know plenty of male MSers who get UTIs. It may be less common in the general population, but I’m not so sure about the MS population.

So it’s always worth checking. And if it isn’t a UTI, well at least you know for sure!