Bladder issue

I started my treatment yesterday - had my first dose of kesimpta, I’ve been having urination problems for about 8 months now. BUT today I still feel the need to have a wee, BUT it is taking ages to come out, at least 30 seconds it’s taking, and even then it’s just a little dribble. Does anyone else get this ?

I have this all the time buddy . And problems with the other one . Pain in the ass tbh .

Yes but I find my urination can either be all or nothing . No in between. However I still get instant urge no matter what way I urinate.
Mention this to your MS team and they may be able to support you. I have been under urology for some time even before MS diagnosis so maybe my urinary issues is down to previous issues and the MS has amplified it !! Good luck

Hi Ricky, I also have this, don’t take anything for it though. It’s bladder hesitation and bladder urgency, I tend to get both. Had a bladder test, (a scan on my bladder) and it appears that my bladder does not empty properly, a third still left in. So that may be your problem as well. It’s very common in MS, not unusual at all. Take care. Cats.

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I had an ultrasound done on my bladder in December and they said it empties fine. But I seen my ms nurse yesterday and showed her my wee diary and she has prescribed me some medication. I keep frequently going but it’s just drips and draps all this time. But yet my bladder seems to be emptying fine?

Apologies if I’m asking the obvious but have you had your prostate checked?

Ye I had a finger up the bum two weeks ago. The ms nurse said it’s to do with the nerve signals and my brain

But now I’m second guessing it and worrying it might be summit more serious

Do you find you get lots of dribble after you’ve had a wee?

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Hi ricky dit you do a UTI test ? Just to be safe . Can get at the doctors GP

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Ye I’ve had that all done buddy


Symptoms buddy . continence nurse …you can ask your ms nurse for a advice … i use the wifes pads some time :joy::hushed:

I have a pack of UTI test sticks. From Amazon, look like lolly sticks with just two pads Leukocytes & Nitrites. If I am constantly peeing I test and if just a tace try to ‘flush’ out. More serious result Dr for antibiotics.
Prevention with Holland & Barret UTI care supplement drink is good.

Has anyone tried Jude? a new Bladder issue supplement seen on Dragons Den and now sold at Boots. It contains pumpkin seed and soya germ extract. Claims to ‘Strengthen bladder muscle’
Might give it a try …

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No not seen jude. but will have a look .

Ricky, that’s good that you had an ultrasound in December, just one of those things that MS gives you, that you have to contend with unfortunately. Perhaps try and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, as that may help as well. Look it up on the internet if you don’t how to, lots of things on there, but a lot aimed at women, but it works the same for men as well. Take care. Cats

Yes. The bowel and bladder leakages are the absolute pits! You’re not alone there with the occasional dribbles, mate.

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I’ve found that part of the answer is to try and relax as much as you can. If I know that I must go then I tend to tense up a bit. Apparently the bladder nerves are very sensitive and complex.

I’ve also found that after peeing i press my urethra behind my testicles then sort of squeeze towards the front that expels quite a bit of urine that would otherwise dribble out.

I’m also noticing when I’m going there is a delay, and then I’m stop starting all the time, is this normal in ms? The stop starting?

Yer buddy happens to me … if you get any pain buddy get checked out by doc for UTI… drink plenty of water .