needing to pee!

Hi, having been recently diagnosed I am not sure if this is ms related. For the last 4 or so days I am needing to pee at least every 2 hours both day and night! Sometimes as soon as I go I need to go again about 30 seconds later. Each time I go its also more than a trickle/dribble. I am type 2 diabetic diet controlled and do not jave increased thirst. I feel fine except exhausted during the day through broken sleep. Could this be a uti? Does anyone have any advice? I am making a gp appointment in the morning

Hi Dawny It sounds like it could be a uti to me, best to get it checked out with the Gp. Uti’s are unfortunately quite common in MS and can cause a flair up of symptoms. Bladder control can also be an issue for dome, but checkfor infection first before worrying about that! Hope GP can sort it for you. Erica x

Some not dome! X

Thankyou, oh the joys! Lol just another thing to add to my list of ailments. Gp it is first thing x

Hi Dawny I have the very same symptoms and it is unfortunately due to my ms. My gp initially thought it was a uti but urine was clear and I’m still the same 2 years later. I’m not saying yours is definitely ms related, a uti should definitely be ruled out first. Good luck! Donna x

Thankyou Donna. I will report back tomorrow with the outcome x

Very interested to hear what your doctor says. I had something very similar (not going as frequently as you but pretty frequently). I was scanned and told my bladder was not emptying properly. I now self catheterise, which has solved the frequency problem, although I still have problems with urgency (starting to wee before I’m on the toilet). Self catheterisation sounds horrible but is actually no worse than putting a tampon in, once you get the hang of it.

Hi Dawny

I was having bladder problems when I was first diagnosed especially with retention (not emptying properly) and frequency. I discussed it with my nurse as, like you, I would sometimes need to go again straight after I had just been. This can be a bit embarrassing at work when you have only just washed your hands and head straight back into a cubicle! I was getting some strange looks.

My nurse suggested cutting out all caffeine and, to my surprise and delight, it worked. I don’t have to get up in the night any more and my bladder is very well behaved unless I am having a relapse. I was going to the loo every hour and can now leave it several hours before I need a wee. I buy decaf tea and coffee and have never liked cola so that wasn’t a problem but there is a caffeine free version anyway.

It might be worth a try. The only downside is that I can’t rely on any caffeine products to keep me awake any more - I soon notice if I try as it goes straight to the bladder …

Tracey x


I find that after peeing and thinking I’ve finished, if I sit a bit longer some more will invariably come out, sometimes helped by a bit of a push.

Hilary x

I have both bladder and bowel problems which can be very upsetting and inconvinient at times yes MS can make you need to go mre often than others it can be a real pain

Leaning forward while on the toilet can help empty the bladder.

Hi I’ve too suffered with that problem saw the continence nurse and I’m apparently not emptying my bladder fully…retaining about 100mls which she said is not too much of a concern until it reaches 200 mls but don’t know how your meant to keep a check on that!..and it does put you off drinking too much which makes it worse…viscous circle really!..

I’m the same folks, not emptying properly so I now self catheterise, it was very daunting at first, but not all that bad really.