Bladder problem?

Hi All,

I haven’t posted in a while- I did search the forum and found some answers, but just thought I would ask anyway (-:

In August or so, I first started noticing that I am constantly peeing! I probably go around 20-30 times a day. And wake up at least once to twice at night to go.

Sometimes, it also takes ages for me to actually start the flow, so to speak…

I have been paying particular attention and have noticed that I basically always feel like I need to pee. In particular, it comes in waves. So I might have peace for a bit, then I go, and then I just have to go 5 times within that hour. Then I have a bit of peace and then it starts again. I can wait for ages too, it’s not like I would wet myself, but when I do go and ‘break the seal’, I just have to keep going.

I just wondered if this sounds like anything anybody else gets? will it get worse?I have been to the GP, they did an initial pee test and I don’t have a UTI. They have sent it off anyway for further tests and have ordered an ultra sound. So I am totally happy that I am being checked out.

If this is an MS thing, can it be solved? or will this get worse? is this a symptom, or is this a relapse?

The only other things I have noticed that have come on in the last few weeks are these weird muscle twitches, (I had my cheek feel heavy for a couple of days and then had visible twitching). I have also been having visible twitches in my rib area and sometimes in my legs and arms and hands. But more in my face and rib area. No pain, just annoying twitch/ spasm.

I have NO idea what the twitches are- or if they are related at all? I think people who don’t have MS can get the eyelid twitch for example. So, yeah, no idea. Anyone ever had this ?

Thanks so much for reading!

tell your ms nurse about the twitching.

now for your wayward bladder - you need to find out where the nearest bowel and bladder clinic is, make an appointment and go there.

the nurse there will scan your bladder by ultrasound.

it will show how much urine is being retained.

you will be offered treatment.

i tried 2 different ones and didn’t like them at all so my bladder nurse said i could have betmiga which is great.

she also told me that i have an overactive bladder.

i was also shown how to self catheterise which gives me a good hour or two of not having to worry about wetting myself.

you’ll be so glad that you saw an expert in the bladder field.

Hello Emily

There are so many things that could be causing the constant urge to wee. From an overactive bladder to bladder spasms, and to my own special little problem, which is a neuropathic pain type thing in my urethra. So it feels like I have a UTI an awful lot of the time even though my sphincter won’t actually relax and go. I self test my wee all the time because I do have the feeling like I want to go non-bloody-stop!

You might be retaining urine, so your bladder isn’t fully emptying, which is why you keep needing to go.

Carole is absolutely right, get a referral, or refer yourself, to the bowel and bladder specialist. There are a whole load of things that could be tested to see what might help.

Possibly a drug to calm down an overactive bladder, such as Betmiga. (I’d avoid Oxybutinin as it’s an anti-cholinergic drug that crosses the blood/brain barrier and can add to cognitive problems in the future.) But there are plenty of others, Tolterodine or Vesicare for example.

Or Botox, which again stops bladder spasms, but which means you have to use intermittent self catheterisation. But then you might find that ISC helps anyway.

There are lots of other things that can be done for a wayward bladder. But in the short term, try pressing or tapping at your bladder type area in an attempt to start the flow. It also helps to lift your feet up higher, so your body is more like squatting. This can help to empty the bladder fully. And when you think you’ve finished, sit there for a couple of minutes to you make sure you’ve done as much as you can.

Have a look at Lots of the things we’ve mentioned are included in the factsheet.


Hello, Rather than going to see any old bladder specialist it might be worth trying to get a referral to see a uro neurologist. I know there is one at National Hospital of Neurology in Queen Square London. I go there myself and find them very helpful but there is a big waiting list and there are a lot of them in the country. Good luck

Thanks everyone. Very helpful replies.

Hi Emily

In addition to the excellent replies above I’d like to contribute a lightly more technical explanation of what might be going on.

Urination is a process that needs two sets of muscles working together. The wall of the bladder contracts and the ring of muscle at the bottom, called a sphincter has to open. When the nerve signals get disrupted the two sets don’t cooperate and although the bladder may be squeezing, the sphincter doesn’t open and visa versa.

You can tell what’s going on but not have any conscious control over it.