i hope I’ve posted in the correct section.

I thought my symptoms were all related to different conditions but noted yesterday all seem to point to MS

for a year my memory focus and cognitive function has declined and affect every part of life. I thought it was early onset dementia but the doctor put it down to depression…

my tremors have worsened last week so noticeable,

i thought I had carpel tunnel last two months with on off timgling of hands but the last two days had numbness and today heavy painful arms and hands and tingling and numbness and clumsiness constant.

bladder symptoms of going to the toilet 4x in night before sleep and feeling of not emptying and I sit there trying to get the flow to start for 8 months, the doctor referred me to physio for pelvic floors

urgency to open bowels with not much sign before

nausea when I bend down and balance issues when eyes closed.

i have tightness in chest and wake soaked at night

I don’t have depression or anxiety but am frustrated and get upset about the doctors not wanting to refer me for the memory and cognitive decline.

i went to the doctors today and she sent me out with a web address for general anxiety disorder and perimenopause.

Im extremely frustrated after saying I was worried about neuro it was dismissed and I was told to look at web addresses. I’m 46 and the bloods for menopause we’re negative. Any advice would be welcome

Hello Claire

Yes, this would be the right place for your post.

It’s difficult to know exactly what to advise. On the one hand, you should be aware that lots of people wind up here convinced they have clear symptoms of MS and go through agonies of tests and doctors visits only to find they actually have a vitamin deficiency. (Typically B12 or D.) Or something else that’s not MS. Occasionally it’s a different neurological disorder, and sometimes nothing to do with neurology at all.

But on the other hand, you do have a lot of symptoms for which you could do with a sympathetic GP who will refer you to the right place(s) for a diagnosis. Whether this should be neurology or rheumatology or some other specialism.

Perhaps what you need to do is to write down all your symptoms, in a kind of timeline, noting when a particular symptom started, whether it completely or partially went away or has stayed with you.

Take your list back to your GP and ask for two things, one being blood tests to check your vitamin levels and maybe other blood tests (thyroid perhaps), and the second being a referral to a neurologist. Even if you have to have your blood tested first. If you know you are not anxious and not in peri menopause, then there must be another reason for your symptoms.

The other thing you should be able to do is get a referral (or self refer) to your local bowel and bladder service. Inability to empty your bladder can be an MS symptom, but can also be related to other problems, as can bowel urgency. But seeing a bowel and bladder nurse might be helpful for you. They can test how much urine is being retained by your bladder (the most common cause of frequent urination needs) by ultrasound. And often that can be done by home visit. (Portable ultra sound machines.)

If your GP won’t refer you to a neurologist, is there any way you can afford to see a neurologist for an initial consultation privately? The way to do this is to find a neurologist locally, who has both a private and an NHS practice. You may be able to just make an appointment to see him/her or may have to get your GP to refer you. If that neurologist feels that neurological tests are needed (often the most expensive bit), s/he can refer you back to their NHS practice for the tests.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get some answers to your problems. It is a horrible situation to be in, knowing there’s something wrong but not able to get help from the GP.

Let us know what happens.


Hello Sue.

Thank you for your reply, and advice. I will start a time
Line and ask about referral re bladder
I had bloods last week for thyroid, Vit D, B12, LFT, U&E, cholesterol tests, FBC, calcium, and ECG, TFT’s for thyroid and fasting glucose as well as FSH ( for menopause) all were normal. 1 liver function test was elevated but just within normal range.

Yes I would consider private and could do bank shifts for funds for initial private appointment if GP won’t refer appropriately.

Thank you again I will keep you updated