GP & Consultant told me MS awaiting neuro

Been suffering now for around 15 years pains in shoulder arm leg hip face got worse over last 8 months vision not right feel like things crawling over me can’t stand clothes touching my skin! Bad headaches scalp tender to touch. Twitching down my arm through to my hand use a walking stick for arthritis in my hip but find its helping with balance. Memory problems you name it!

my GP suspects MS and so does a consultant I saw today as I had bladder cancer 4 years ago and until last October my bladder worked fine it’s now not working and having to self cathertise have been since last October.

The consultant said it explains why your bladder Is not working correctly it is all pointing to MS. I’m waiting for neuro to send for me.

Just need advice bit emotional but still smiling!

Im 46 xx

Although a diagnosis of MS is not something that anyone would actually wish for it can bring with it a tremendous amount of relief. It is the knowing. You have suffered for many years without knowing why. When you have a dx (diagnosis) you can tap into the wealth of information that is available. The guides on this site are very good.

I wish you all the luck in the world. You will find lots of support on these forums - there’s always someone who has “been there, done that”