Did anyone else start with b12 deficiency?

I have been experiencing symptoms for 3 years which started with tingling in hands and later feet. I also had cognitive issues such as memory loss and losing train of thought etc. After being told I was suffering with low mood, I was eventually given blood test which showed b12 deficiency.

Initially it appeared that the 12 weekly injections were helping but over the last 2years my symptoms are intensifying. I have such fatigue that some days I just can’t drag myself out of bed and as I work full time, I struggle through the week and spend weekends in bed. My limbs ache constantly and simple tasks like washing my hair in the shower cause my arms to hurt and I have to sit on the loo to clean my teeth.

More recently I am suffering from a need to pass urine urgently and embarrassingly I have had a number of accidents. I have also noticed a lump in my throat that feels like my throat is being pushed or contracted and finally I took a nasty tumble for no apparent reason, leaving cut and bleeding on the floor.

GP wants to run more bloods and if they’re clear send me to neurologist. I was just wondering if this sounds like a common story? I’m worried that my symptoms have been masked by B12 deficiency. Is there anything proactive I can do or things I can ask my GP? I know I’m not physically ‘right’ but am struggling to get my symptoms taken seriously. At 47 am I fairly old for MS?

thanks in anticipation.

I’d be asking the gp to refer me to the neurologist first, while further blood work is being done. The wait to see a neurologist is considerable. Get tested by the gp also in case there’s a urinary tract infection (uti) lurking. That can cause problems like you’ve been experiencing also. Ms has no respect for age. I was diagnosed out of the blue, over a weekend when I was 55.

Thanks for replying. I have given a urine sample and have yet more bloods on Tuesday. The GP seems loathe to refer until these bloods come back. I seem to spend my life having bloods taken.

I know the feeling. One of these days I think I’ll be needing a transfusion!

I might be lucky with my relationship with my gp but…can you be a little assertive/persuasive and ask why the reluctance to refer you now? Is he/she looking for something specific? I would be insisting for an immediate referral. Two years is long enough to endure possible symptoms. Good luck anyway and keep us posted.