b12 / MS

Hey all, im really struggling atm with denial of symptoms and (removed by moderator) doctors
So i’ve been dealing with symptoms for years, used to think it could just be hEDS, but ive been diagnosed with hypermobility instead
ive been trying to get bloods done for a year because of a phobia, and when i finally got them done, turns out they hadnt even tested my b12 levels, so i have to go do it again since the gp made a mistake. Further proving after other stuff that they just arent listening to me, i saw a different GP in the practice (because i dont have a specific one) and she didnt even know i wanted a referral to neuro
She did a quick physical check and decided it all felt fine, and unless im not b12 deficient im not going to get referred, and i’ll have to go private just to get adequate care
And im really nervous because if i am deficient, my already really high levels of gaslighting myself over symptoms (because of doctors being (removed by moderator) my entire life), will get so much worse-
im in a wheelchair just to get out of the house, crutches on a good day, i cant get outside without a mobility aid without risking my safety or severe pain and fatigue/other symptoms afterwards
i barely even leave my bed except for necessities because my house isnt accessible, and i always suffer after going outside for any reason
and a b12 deficiency causing all that just doesnt feel valid, i wont be taken seriously whenever i try to access support
and after years of being gaslit im almost hoping i get told im not deficient, just so i can get the support i desperately need-
im not sure what my question is, just any kind words or advice would be appreciated