Not sure what is happening to me?

All of these symptoms I have had, not necessarily at the same time, however they come and go but each time come back worse & last longer.

*new within last 3 weeks

· *Problems with the eyes - blurred/loss of vision and trouble focusing and shadow on inside of left eye (dry, irritated and painful on movement)

· Twitching, jumping legs & arms (overwhelming, irresistible urge to move both) it starts *with unpleasant feeling, which feels like crawling or creeping sensation. *Arms and legs feel very weak; feels as if I have to drag my legs at times and difficulty lifting things.

· *Speech – Can’t think of words (it’s in my head but won’t come to speech & periodically I have long pauses in between words. My husband informs me that my articulation of words is poor, and that I am speaking that softly that he doesn’t hear me and thinks I haven’t replied – I have noticed that my voice is at times very hoarse & dry.

· *Tremors - minor shaking in hands which make it hard to manage day to day activities.

· Profound exhaustion and poor stamina – *nodding off & jerking awake (at work, waiting in hospital, on the bus) worse as day goes on

· Bladder - urgency to urinate, *thinking I have finished but then have to sit back down again to finish.

· Impaired memory and concentration, such as memory problems, confusion and difficulty concentrating on tasks at hand. (forgetting words and things I have just been told) This is having an effect on my NVQ studies.

· Skin sensitivities – tingling & numbness in areas of body, some areas of body are *very sore to the touch and some areas are very itchy. Neuralgia - Left side of face which is stabbing, piercing or like an electric shock. The pain can last from just a few seconds to two minutes each time, at times this wakes me in tears, it is there daily ranging from moderate to excruciating pain – the cold weather/winds seem to make this worse.

· Anxiety, depression, mood swings (start crying for no reason) and dizziness.

· Impaired coordination/balance – feel very unsteady on my feet, I have had several falls causing injury, *dropping things as hands at times don’t grip.

· Abdominal cramping, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or alternating bouts of diarrhoea and constipation.

My GP is less than useless and just fobs me off with " are you depressed" Well yes I am as I don’t know what is happening with me!!!

I know you guys aren’t doctors but any advice or help would be much apprieciated :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance


Hi Donna, well many of your symptoms occur in MS…but in other conditions too.

Has your GP mentioned referring you to a neurologist? If not, i think you should ask if he/she would.i feel it does need further investigation.

There is obviously something going on.

Depression could be responsible for some of what`s happening, but not all of it.

try for that referral, eh?

luv Pollx

Hello Donna, and welcome :slight_smile:

As Poll already said, while many of your symptoms can happen with MS, there are lots of other things that might be responsible. However, it looks like you’re going to have to get your GP to take you seriously before you’re going to be able to start finding out what’s going on.

I think one of the problems is going to be the length of your symptom list: I’m afraid a lot of symptoms are a bit of a red flag to medics and they tend to dismiss them as a result. So, if I were you, I would make a list of the most serious symptoms only, when they began, how often they occur and what treatment you have had for them and then I would have a very formal, objective meeting with the GP asking for proper consideration of what might be causing them all and for a referral to an appropriate consultant. If they don’t take you seriously, then you can ask for a second opinion within the practice and get the Practice Manager involved. If all else fails, then there’s always a new GP.

The other thing I would do if I were you is see an optician about my eyes and I would do this before I see the GP. Hopefully it’s something easy to fix, but if they can’t diagnose it, you really need to see an ophthalmologist and this is something that your GP should also take into consideration.

If the GP blames it all on your depression again, maybe ask what can be done to help with it then? Are you on the right meds? Seeing the right therapist? Etc? It’s all very well saying that it’s due to your depression, but what are they doing to help you with it?

I hope he/she listens this time.

Karen x

I have recently been diagnosed with ms and have also have had similar symptoms I have been given anti depresants by my gp which have realy helped me feel like my normal self I am also under a continance clinic for my bladder problems which is helping to I have found it all hard to deal with but I’m getting there

Hello Donna, Poll and rizzo have given you good advice which I think is your best route to follow. Hope you get some answers soon. Janet x

hi donna

just to add my two pennorth worth to the advice already given

there is no need to struggle alone with bladder and bowel problems

most areas have a bladder & bowel clinic. anyone can ring them - they advertise on national tv

you’d be seen by a bladder & bowel nurse who have seen it all before. so no need to feel embarassed

i’ve been given kentera patches which reduces the number of times i need to dash for the loo

i’m also self catherising - which sounds horrendous but its so easy. after self cathing i can feel confident to go out.

good luck

carole x

Hi all

Thanks for your words od wisdom :slight_smile: xxxx

I have been to opticians, who didnt find anything, but wrote to GP and he has referred me to the hospital.

I have been feeling a lot worse with sytoms - GP sent me for a chest xray, apparently some chest issues can cause the creeping feeling I have?, if xray clear he is going to refer me to a neurologist.

I did change my doctor, at same surgery, who seems more proactive :slight_smile:

Love & best wishes to all


p.s up late due to another night of pain :,-)

Hi again.

Hope you get sorted very soon hun.

luv Pollx