Flare up/relapse

Hey everyone I had been doin pretty well symptom wise for about 8 months till 2 days ago my old symptoms came back, dizziness and my eye sight blurred or should I Say more like double vision drunk feeling, and feeling just off, something told me to go too the doctors today and too check See if I have a urine infection, as My Ms nurse said its a very common cause of MS flare ups and bingo was told I have a urine infection and givin antibiotics, I’ve not had a urine infection before, and am hoping this is what’s causin my flare ups and will calm down again as the last relapse or whatever I had last year lasted 4 months, has anyone else had a urine infection had flare ups cause of it and when the infection died down, so did the MS flare ups? Thank you

Hi, I’ve had a couple of flare ups but wasn’t tested for urine infection so I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’m going through a bit of a flare up at the moment. Although I’m not sure I’ve helped myself by being soooo over indulgent over Christmas! As it’s mainly fatigue and lethargy. Hope you feel better soon x

Thank u yes I really did indulge over xmas too lol x

A UTI will always make me feel like poop. I bought urinalysis sticks from amazon. I spoke to my incontinence nurse at the surgery about doing this, as i was forever sendind down samples which were normal. thats the fun with MS you can feel like you have one and dont have, and then you might not feel like you have one but raise a temperature slightly and have one lol.

anyway now i check when i start or think i have one. quite often there is nothing, but now and then there will be positive proof i do so i send a test down she checks it again and it has always been posiitve. this routine works well for me. If i have a UTI, i getting buzzing head, tingling legs and my temp has a small spike and i can feel like poop.

so you can get an exacerbation of symptoms with a UTI. i hope you feel better soon. I have trimoprim, and it usually kills one off in 3 days. xxx

Thank u so much for ur advice that is a really good idea if I cn gt hold of them myself to test my own urine every now and then, Im hoping this attack does not last to long and thaf the antibiotics kick the infection out feel so drunk lol how r u doing with ur ms? X

Amazon sell them which are used by the NHS. BUT its only an indicator i always send a sample if i feel it is one. its worked for me, but if in doubt always send a sample. x

Thank u xx