Fuzzy head = Urine infection

I was diagnosed with RRMS 16 years now and I’ve been blessed with just having sensory symptoms.
So when I started struggling last week I thought I was possibly under the weather, but by Tuesday evening my head was feeling so fluffy. And I thought it must be the start of a possible relapse.
I called my gp this afternoon and when he called me back the way I described it to him was that it felt like my eyes were darting backwards and forwards without actually doing that - a bit like vertigo (which I’ve had before). I also mentioned I felt my heart was racing a bit. He started asking questions about weeing of which I’ve not had any of the usual symptoms of pain, strong smell and frequency apart from that I always wake up at least once mostly twice a night to pee and said he just wanted to rule a urine infection out. 30 mins later (I know, such great service😃) he called to confirm I did, as he suspected, have a urine infection. I just wanted to post incase anyone else is looking for help with unusual symptoms!
Looking forward to Saturday when he said I should be feeling so much better.

I test my own every time I think I’m weeing too much or in too much of a hurry or of course have fuzzy brain or worsened MS symptoms. It’s easy to do, I’ll start a new thread with how to do it if anyone wants me to.

(Not a replacement for having a sample tested at the GPs - just a pointer in the right direction!)

Doesn’t it feel better knowing there’s a good reason for the fuzzy head?


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Absolutely, thought I was having a relapse, so pleased it’s not, although it may still be MS related.

Would be interested in how to test myself too for possible future infections.


Hi Could you please post how you can test for a
Urine infection. I have the symptoms a lot. Thank you x

I am like @Ssssue i test my own. If its positive i think ring my doctor and they will have a sample and send it off to the lab, in the meantime they give me 3 days antibiotics.

A UTI even without MS can make you feel really ill.

It was my incontinence nurse who showed me to how to dip stick, and also the sticks are easy to buy and have always been accurate.

they can save lives as i sent a bottle to a friend who wasnt feel the best and it turned out they had a raging urine infection, which took weeks to recover from. I think anyone with MS should do this as we pee a lot anyway its easy to miss infections. glad your feeling better. x

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I’ve just posted my notes on self testing for UTI on a new thread. It is quite long, apologies for that, but it’s important to know what you’re doing, otherwise it’s not worth doing!

I hope it’s helpful.



Glad you managed to get it sorted. I used to have the flickering and had it explained as a ‘sort of Vertigo’ I was advised to use Epley’s Procedure which has been really useful. Urine - acted on advice from Urology Nurse to drink Cranberry cordial or juice. It reduced stinging sensation. Anti-biopics are just the business for cure but have a look at increasing fluids, Cranberry for prevention for prevention, worked for me

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hi CM its odd as my urologist told me DO NOT DRINK cranberry juice as its very high in sugar lol. only water…so i take a cranberry tablet. no wonder us mortals get confused lol.

You are right - I used reduced sugar. There is nothing more boring, as good as it is in Salford, water, water, water. It reduced the stinging that comes with infection and I an all for that - the only other sugars I take is chocolate, cake and fruits!

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i even found citrus fruits triggered on off lol. xxx

Oh, avoided citrus in any form just for that reason.

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