Hi Having never had a UTI before I thought I would ask on here and hopefully get to doctors tomorrow! For a couple of weeks, on lots of occasions, I have had to go to the toilet several times in a short space of time. I mentioned this to my ms nurse last time I saw her, but it had only happened a few times then. We thought maybe a bit of frequency & urgency? Over the last 24hrs I have had a strange feeling, almost as if my urethra is having tiny spasms…it feels like I may leak but I haven’t. My question is does this sound like an MS symptom, as I know bladder issues are common, or should I just get checked for a UTI? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, seems your post may have not been spotted by folk…how is it going now? Did you go to the doc`s? Sounded like a possible uti.


hi anon

you will have loads of urine tests (its worse than pregnancy) but if you do have a UTI you will get used to spotting it yourself.

is your wee dark? cloudy? does it have a strange smell?

it is very important that you don’t dismiss it. UTI’s have many strange effects. can make you sound as if you are losing the plot.

the nurse that you spoke to - was it a ms nurse or a continence nurse?

anyway get to your gp and ask for a test to see if its an infection.

good luck

carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Anon,

I’d suggest seeing GP or Nurse ASAP and they will do an emediate dip test to see if you do have infection. They may well send it off to be grown to find out what specificly will kill it. As Carole says above there are signs that you learn to recognise you may have an infection.

Take care and I hope you get sorted soon

Sara xx

hi anon

just adding that after 5 UTIs in 5 weeks i was feeling desperate.

then a friend who also has ms told me that he takes a maintenance dose of trimethoprim.

i asked my gp if i could do the same and he agreed.

so my bladder is infection free!!!

carole x

Drinking cranberry juice has definitely eased my history of UTIs. Make sure you get it checked as can make you poorly if not treated. Take care. xx

I take cranberry capsules! buy them in supermarket, they seem to help

keeping UTI away, its easier if you dont like drinking cranberry juice, or drink barley juice…

and plenty rest .xxxx

Hi again.

I drank cranberry juice daily, yet still had a chronic uti for 6 months!

Since having the spc, I take concentrated cranberry tablets (2 a day) and all clear so far…5 months now…fingers crossed!