UTI ???

I posted this earlier but can’t find it anywhere? So not sure if I did it right, My question is do you think I have a UTI? I have never had one but over last few weeks have suffered with urgency & frequency. I mentioned this to ms nurse but it had only happened a few times when I last saw her. Over the course of today, I have had a new sensation…not sure how to describe it but feels almost like my urethra is having tiny spasms and feels like I may leak urine, but I haven’t. Does this sound like I need to take a sample and get tested? Or does it sound like an MS sensory issue? I am female, 42, RRMS, diagnosed 2006 on Copaxone Thanks in advance

Hi when I’ve had a UTI I get the urgency to go a lot but I also get a stinging feeling when I pass urine. It would be worth taking a sample in to your doctors and they won’t mind testing it for you. Amanda

Hi, get your urine tested, it’s not asking much and it will relieve your mind - no pun intendedI’m just getting over a UTI and I would not wish it on anyoneM