UTi symptoms but often ot a uti!!

Hi All..I wanted to ask if anyone else gets UTi symptoms but more often than not a sample is clear of bugs..or they cant define a bug exactly? I have had UTi symptons during the day since my retention of urins started in 1988. I have had three nasty kidney/bladder infections, the last bein in 2007(allot of blood in urine that time for a week). have been on nitroforantoin 100mg at night but nothing to cover me for the day. I self catheteraise through a stoma near my belly button as ISc became impossible through the normal route by 2002. The irritation is uncomfortable and often feel I need to empty more often. Have had these again in last- 3 days so will pop a sample down to gps today for them to dipstick. Does anyone have these problems also? Any advice? I dont realy understand why I have so much discomfort and yet the sample is often clear..


Hi I don't have anywhere near the problems that you have but I have had lots of occasions when I thought I had a urine infection but when I'm tested it comes back clear. When I think I have a urine infection like last week for example I drink so much I 'flush it through' if you know what I mean, I did ask the bladder nurse if this is possible as she said yes. So before I ask my doctor for antibiotics I just drink loads of water, wear extra continece padding, and sit near a loo for a few days, that usually does the trick.

I do self cathetise and sometimes this is quite painful and there is a very little blood. If you are having blood in your urine I feel this is something you need to tell your GP as it may not be MS, best to get it checked out I'd say.



I had a horrendous period when I was getting what felt like UTI symptoms at least every week lasting for 3 or so days, used gallons of sodium bicarb in water to try and neutralise it.  I eventually had some extra investigations and it was found that the original infections I had, had led to an over growth of tissue in the lining of the bladder due to irritation and this was removed.  Since then I've been relatively clear of UTI's.

Hey.thanks for your posts..luckily no blood at present in urine..wel its not like rose All I know at present is my bladder feels a bit bruised and sore will see what the dipstick says Can you buy the little sticks to test the urine with? (over counter?)


My district nurse gave me a box of the test strips to use. l have a supra-pubic catheter [18yrs now] - from experience l found that the latex catheters caused problems by irritating the bladder. lf you google supra-pubic catheters there is a good site l think called Streetsie - they discuss all the problems and come up with solutions - l have only just come across them. Silver tipped catheters are the best for avoiding uti's.


Somebody made a similar post in the last three months or so, might be worth finding it and looking through.

Thanks Campion and Mrboboeen..I shall look at those..very hepful ..cheers! Hpe you are both ok..