uti symptoms..


Just wanted to ask about UTI symptoms…last 3 dyas have had irritation and discomfort…will prob take a sample down to gps to test…but often they come back ok or no specific bugs found…having had a few kidney infections in past gp advised to bring a sample down each time. I am on nitrofornatoin 100,g at night and have been for some years now…but that doesnt cover me for the daytimes!


You should ask about this on the Everyday Living forum - there will be more people on there with similar experiences. Make sure and ask a specific question, otherwise people aren’t always sure what to say.

Karen x

Hi Karen…thanks will do…:-0

Hi I suffer from frequent UTI’s that often do not show up when I take a sample to the GP’s. I am on a prophylactic dose of trimethoprim - once a day. This is to try to prevent infections recurring. So, your dose is the same, you only take one a day. You will have a dose several times a day if you get a full-blown infection. This is hopefully working as a preventative all the time. I also take cranberry capsules from Holland and Barrett to try to keep them at bay. Hth Teresa xx

Hi Teresa…thanks…yes I have to take mine at night…and trimethrprin I am resistant to alas!! Yes have treid the cranberry and also take half a teaspoon of bicarb in a glass of water…as this neutralises the urine…although cranberry juice is great and makes the urine acidic(the bugs dont like this)…it can add to the discomfort I have found…lol


does anyone with uti get pinkish blood in urine ??

ive had this problem with blood in urine for awhile now and have been treated for infection

bladder scan normal

hey.Jack…yes I have had this too only once though and it continued for a week or so…it is often a sign of infection Glad the sacn was normal…the lining of the bladder can become irritated when an infection is present…I would keep an eye on it and if it continues referal to a urologyst may be an idea and they can take a quick look inside with a camera…


yes ive had a camera they said all fine ! but at least every two months it comes back

fed up with keep going gp because they do test and say ok no infection !!!

ooh gosh sorry to hear this…well the blood is coming from somewhere…have you had kidney x rays??(pref with contrats)…? e

hey…practice nurse called me…there are traces of blood in urine and seeing as I dont have periods(uterine oblation 2005 due to heavy, painful periods) she is sending off just in case… but my bladder does feel bruised and sore…so we shall see on that one! Will look into the silver tipped catheters as they are supposed o help re infections/latex etc…

My wife has had constant uti’s as well Sue

every couple of months and the anti biotics have had no effect,had the urine tested and another test just for bacteria ,

the smell of the urine is so bad the worst she has been in 10 years

so i went to our doctor and he gave me these ,

Diuretic tea make 500 ml let it stand for an hour then make 3 cups from this during the day

magnesium 500 mg tablet once a day

Neorenal tablet twice a day ,not sure if this a generic name

Ginseng with royal jelly,these ar a glass file that you have to puncture the top an put in a small straw to drink (supplied )

twice a day

after one week it is clearing up and she is walking again ,getting stronger daily

We live abroad so i am not sure if you can get the same stuff in the UK ,but an amazing turn around for us

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