Persistent UTIs

Hi all

Just wondered whether anyone else has real trouble getting rid of a UTI? I had to get a doctor out on Christmas Eve as the e-coli bug I have, proved resistant to Ciprofloxacin and I felt terrible over Christmas. The doctor put me on Co-amoxaclav and it seems that the bug is fighting that too. I feel really awful again.

I will have to see the doc again tomorrow before the bank holiday weekend I suppose but this is really getting me down and I’m feeling very low.

Happy New Year

Teresa xx

Hi, I can’t comment on uti’s, but can I just say that I hope you feel better soon. Cheryl:)

Had UTIs that would not respond to the first choice antibiotic but sucumbed to another. Have to get a specimin in early so they can find out in the lab what 'll work. Had multiple UTIs, closely following on from one another. Dont know if these are due to re-infection by the same bug or different ones taking it in turns.


At the start of the year I was getting loads of infections, they'd clear up with antibiotics but then come back a few days after finishing. I finally got it killed off when I took Ciprofloxacin and started taking cranberry pills daily. Cranberry's well known to help with bladder health, and taking pills is better than having the drink. I get mine online from eith bigvits or healthspan.

Hope it clears up soon.


Thanks guys

I take daily supplements of cranberry tabs as recommended by the consultant. Not only does the UTI not respond to a first line antibiotic, or a second but not a third and sometimes fourth, it really is a problem! I also feel dreadful. Infection is not showing up in the specimen as the antibiotic masks it too.

Hope it goes soon,

Teresa xx

Have just spoken to the GP and he is going to put me on a two week course of nitrofurantoin which is apparently sensitive to this e-coli bug. I have reservations as it did not finish it off in the first place but a longer course may do the trick!

Here’s hoping

Teresa xx


I'm the same I have had 6 infections one after another roughly 1 a month.

I take cranberry tablets but I'm not sure if they help yet.

The doctor has put me on a low dose antibiotic, which is supposed to prevent infections.

It's yet another pill to take.


Hi Ronin

Yes, I am also on a low dose antibiotic when I don’t have an infection. However, the bugs may have become resistant to that particular antibiotic now and I don’t think they are much help.

I must say I do seem to be rattling with all the different meds now.

Teresa xx

Maybe you should get a load of specimin bottles and randomly sample or at least have one immediately to hand at the first inkling of trouble, also maybe get some of them testing strips on prescription, so that you can get an early warning and then get a sample off to the lab double quick.