More fun with my UTI!

Hello all,

Well, I seem to have had this UTI for ever and ever. First I was given one Cefalexin a day, which did no good, then one Trimethroprim, which did no good but two did seem to do me good whilst I was on them, but when this was stopped, so was me feeling better! Now the GP has put me on another one week course, but this time for four Cefalexin a day. I almost feel excited at the thought that these might just do the trick. I am just writing now to ask anyone if they might know if there are other posibilities other than furantoin, as I am allergic to this. I am just wanting the thought that there is a plan B.

Best wishes everyone,



i am not sure but cefalixin and trimethoprim are generic antibiotics. i would have though that c and s (culture and sensitivity) would be able to guide ur dr to a more specific antibiotic. this is me guessing-hopefully someone may clarify for u.

ellie x

Hi Moira

I am constanly plagued by UTI’s, am taking cranberry capsules at present they aren’t a substitute for anti biotics but do seem to calm the bladder down a bit. Just a thought. I hope it’s sorted out for you real soon.


if you dont want to take antibiotics forever more try a desert spoon of coconut oil along with a probiotic drink a day. the oil is solid but soon melts in your mouth. i cant taste much so dont know if its rank or not. some spread it on their toast.i started doing this after a bad chest infection which my maintainance dose of cefalexin for constant pee infection didnt help. i was put on a 7 day course of amoxicilin which cleared both chest and bladder. i ended up with one hellish headache by day 5 so decided enough is enough and went searching for natures remedies and touch wood no pee infection for7 weeks. i know in my case bowel probs are a factor, constipation does cause pee infections and i still need to tweek this so am going to add linseeds to my diet as someone on here has with good results.

taking long term antibiotics is not good for us and ive been on them for about 6 years now, so feel i have to find my own way of dealing with it as my doc has no other solution. i wish you luck whatever you do. pee infections are nasty!


Hello Ellie,

Thank you for getting back to me. My GP asked me for a sample and he sent this off to our local hospital. They came back with the news that only three (for some reason) tablets would work for the infection I had and this was Cefal, Trimeth. and the one that I am allergic to. I suppose that he has done all that he can to get a treatment that is specific to my case. Fingers crossed!

Hello Wendy,

Thank you for your reply. I think that I will give cranbery tablets a try too. I do take a mug of the juice per day, but these tablets can only help. Thanks a lot.

Hello Zelda,

Thank you for your reply with information. I already take a probiotic pill each day, but I will certainly add to this some coconut oil as I will try most things and this one sounds quite tasty. Thankfully I don’t have constipation to contend with too. My GP seems to want to keep putting me on Cef. or Trim. , and varying this to keep the bug guessing. I am not sure how ‘bright’ bugs are, and that is why I would like to have this third choice, but I will certainly try your recommendations. Thanks a lot.


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