UTI and relapse

Hi all, I am having a bit of a bad time at the moment, feels like this episode is never ending. Took myself off to the gp yesterday and to top it all I have a raging urine infection antibiotics for seven days. Gp was really good, she is going to chase up an appointment with neuro as she is thinking the same as me is the Avonex not helping as I have had 3 relapses since I have been on it. Also just to make things worse I showed her a mole on my neck and she is a bit concerned about that too, another referral for that!! Why me I say, then just get on with it because I am not giving in to anything. Hope you all enjoy the extended bank holiday. Karen x

Hi girlie. You prob feelin s h i t!!! try cranberry juice for uti it works!! Try not to focus on horrible symtoms, Docs throw anythin at you. Mind ova matter, we dont mind it doesnt Fin matter!!! Take care let me know hw u get on xxxx

The possible good news could be that you have had UTIs which have ttriggered pseudo relapses rather than Avonex failing? It is sensible to have it checked out but maybe Avonex is still doing the job for you - or maybe time for a change in which case good to chat through with consultant. Sorry to hear about your mole - life is a bit like that isn’t it and everything comes along at once - but you will be seen very quickly and hopefully your mind will be put at rest. Antibiotics are miserable (I take them all the time!) but a necessary evil to sort out that UTI. Hoping you feel better soon…

Sgt and Tracey thanks for your replies I am sure the Antibiotics will soon start working. I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself , hope your both ok Karen x

Sorry you’re feeling bad Karen. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon - I know how awful a UTI can make you feel. I had a dreadful one over Christmas that I couldn’t get rid of. I now have a prophylactic dose of trimethoprim all the time and take daily cranberry tablets, both to prevent infections. Maybe something like this could help you? Get well soon, Teresa xx

Hi Karen

Are you sure they were relapses? I thought that I had around 5 relapses the year I started on Betaferon; I actually only had 1, the other MS flare ups were mainly urnine infections; I have been self catherising this year and only had 1 infection.

I’d had a sample checked each time and they all came back negative. So I drank lots of water and probably flushed them through my system. It was my Neuro who pointed this out to me. Some of the ‘flare ups’ were caused by other things such as dad having a stroke but it was mainly the UTI’s.

I hope you’re feeling better soon, the antibiotics themselves made me rather moody.

Take care


Hi Wendy, you may be right hopefully I will see the neuro soon. Thanks for the advice, hopefully I will feel better when this infection clears up. Take care. Karen x