Hi all I am now on my 10th course of antibiotics!!! Off to see urologist on 16th Oct! Anyone else had one infection after the other??? It has really got me feeling so low! ;( Sorry for moan. Linda x

Hi Linda, Yes, I have loads of UTIs and it really gets you down, as well as making you feel really rubbish. I have had at least five different UTIs in the space of a couple of months. I have just started ISC due to massive problems having a wee and because of all the UTIs. It is wonderful and has changed my life. I am hoping I will also have far fewer infections now too. I really sympathise with you as I know how you feel. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa I too use ISC and have done for about 10years. My.GP keeps telling me its because I use ISC that I get so many infections!!! No winning really. ;( Hope you manage ok with catheters and remain infection free! Linda x

Thanks Linda - I am being really fanatical about hygiene when I self-catheterise. I do hope that works. I hope you can sort this out. Linda xx

Hi Linda

I take a daily low dose of antibiotics, which helped a lot when I started doing it. Since I started Tysabri I’ve been getting them more though. I do ISC as well, and although it obviously can cause infections, I’ve changed how often I do it so that my bladder doesn’t go for so long without being emptied. Since doing that I think it’s helped.

I also started taking high strength cranberry tablets (get them online, as it’s cheaper than on the high street), which are supposed to be more effective than cranberry juice (plus much cheaper, and without the downside of either too much sugar or having artificial sweeteners). I don’t know if it’s helped, but I’m happy to keep on taking them.


After 14 antibiotics I got fed up! I rang the MS Society helpline … a lady asked if I had tried Homeopathy (which I consider to be unscientific heresay) but I was desperate by this time. Whether it was the placebo effect or “luck” it worked! Might be worth a try?


I also take cranberry tablets and a low dose of trimethoprim. I think I was tired when I wrote the last post. Why did I sign it Linda? Teresa xx

I also take trimethoprim, makes you wonder if it gets less effective the more it’s used? I also drink copious amounts of Cranberry juice, I don’t know whether that works or not but I daren’t not drink it just in case!


Thanks for your replies…I too like lots of you take a cranberry tablet and have been taking a low dose of cefalexin for years now! Certainly doesn’t seem to be working for me!!! Dan I think I must catheterise more often than I do to see if that helps! I am a bit lazy and tend to be desperate before I go!!! Carol I am pleased that the homeopathy is working for you, so what if its the placebo effect…it’s working for you! Sue maybe I should take trimethoprim instead of cefalexin?? I prefer the cranberry tablet to drinking the juice!! (Don’t like the stuff really!!!) glad it helps you. Hey Teresa maybe you like the name Linda eh?? Linda xx