UTIs and ISC

I was just wondering how many of you still get infections when you catheterise. I use a catheter first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Every 3 or 4 months I get an infection - always with different symptoms. I’ve had strange smells, more spasms and extra urgency/frequency. This last one alerted me to get checked as I turned over in bed and wet myself!

The reason for using the catheters was because of retention which could lead to infections. Do many of you take an antibiotic daily to prevent infection? My GP isn’t keen on this but I was prescibed one for around 6 months and I didn’t get an infection in that time. Once that stopped the infections returned.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi, my story is a little different, but does include utis.

Last year I was experiencing a lot of wetting accidents, as my mobility was very poor and getting to the loo on time was more than risky!

Plus I had utis constantly for 6 months. I didnt know it at the time, but I was also having severe retenion…and needed the loo hourly…exhausting and upsetting!

So I went for a suprapubic catheter. I wouldnt have been abe to do ISC, due to weight problems.

I had the spc operation in July and touch wood, havent had a uti since!

I sometimes by pass and wet myself…maybe about 4 times since the op.

I think spc is the best option for me. But it may not be something you are thinking about.

I know some people do take anti-biotics daily, but I dont like the sound of that, as you may become immun to them.

Hopefully, someone else can give you a better answer.

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I do ISC and get infections, though I’m also on Tysabri which can make you more susceptible to infections. I’ve been using a daily low does of antibiotic for a few years now, which helps but doesn’t stop all of them.

Taking high strength cranberry pills helps too (get them online - much, much cheaper (and stronger) than drinking juice). Make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush your bladder, and cut down on caffeine too as it irritates the bladder. And just a few days ago I read that when you get the extra urgency with an infection, mixing a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water is meant to help, as is mixing 2 tablepoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water (you can add honey to help sweeten it if necessary). I’ve not tried the baking soda yet, but I have been having a glass of the cider vinegar drink every day and so far so good.


Dan, l am a big fan of Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV. lt sounds as if it is acidic - but its the opposite - alkaline. So it corrects the ‘ph’ in your system. l take a tablespoon with a spoonful of honey in hot or cold water. Make the drink up and keep sipping at it - if you can drink more then one all the better. ACV - also helps with uric acid/arthritis - and is also a ‘fat buster’.

l buy several gallons at a time of the organic type. Apart from taking it myself - and using it instead of malt vinegar. We give it to our horses/dogs/hens etc as it helps them - especially with joint problems. My grandparents used it as well - and they feed it to their hens. Especially when they become too old to lay. As the ACV actually helps to tenderise - ready for the pot!! As they both lived through two world wars - they knew how to make the most of what they could produce. And lived well into their 90’s.

So when l feel that l have become a’ tough old bird’- l know its time to take extra acv.

lt really helps to keep the bladder healthy - and bi-carb also alkalises. D-Mannose is also a brilliant supplement. l also take these to prevent my getting uti’s - as l have had a SPC for 19yrs. The key ingredient in cranberry is what is in D-Mannose - except it is highly concentrated.

l have a friend who boils pearl barley and drinks the water - everyday. She finds this works also. And eating a stick of celery everyday helps - especially for the guys as it can help with prostate problems.