Self catheterise ok you were right

Hi there

A while ago I asked you whether I should continue to self catheterise, I’d been having a spring and summer nightmare with infections, so I stopped using them, low and behold I have another infection, so it’s me, not the catheters. I do take cranberry pills and am now (as advised by my continence nurse), am taking juice as well as drinking lots of non caffeine drinks.

I also learned from her yesterday that too much urine in the bladder can damage the kidneys (this makes sense as several friends who haven’t used catheters; now have kidney infections, or problems with cystitis.

So I am going to try again, even use them more often, still being careful where and when I use them.

I hope this helps others,

Wendy x

Glad to hear your sorting stuff out…even though it is through trial and error. I reckon thats the name of the game, as we all react differently, but everythings worth a try hun.

Before having my spc fitted, I suffered from urgency and severe retention…so bladder never had a chance to get clean.

Now I seem to always have a teeny bit of infection, which needs no treatment.

My bladder is continuously draining and I reckon an spc is best way for me.

onwards and upwards kid!


Corkie - D-Mannose is better then cranberry to keep your bladder healthy. Look it up. Also another tip - is apple cider vinegar - a tablespoon of ACV a spoonful of honey topped up with cold or hot water. lt neutralises the ph in the bladder keeping it calm. Also good for painful joints.

lts so important to take a lot of pro-biotics to improve the ‘good guys’ - which you need. Anti-biotics kill off all the good ones as well as the bad. Leaving you open to more infection.

On the Biotin face book group - many people have improved bladder function - some going through the night - where before they were having to get up several times a night. And others with retention found they could empty properly after taking Biotin for a few weeks.

l have a SPC - like Poll. And its years since l had a infection. l take D-Mannose/Biotin and ACV.

Thank you Polly and Spacejacket words of wisdom from both of you. I did look up D-Mannose/Biotin once before but thought I was taking too many complementary medicines already.

Perhaps I will look at it again, as it’s got to be worth a try. I do believe my complimentary medicine online company do supply it but I’ll take a look.

Wendy x



Hi Wendy

It’s now been a year since my last UTI. I did used to find that when I sent away on holiday I was tending to get an infection, something I put down to the change in routine etc. This year I’ve been away twice and have had no UTI. I’ve put this down to 2 things: I take D-Mannose while I’m away and for a week either side of the holiday. I’ve not bothered with it while I’m at home because I don’t seem to get the UTIs at home. The second thing is using antibacterial gel on my hands all the time, especially when I’m using a loo outside of home. So I’m using it before I touch any of the catheter gear and again just before I use the catheter (because just getting sorted out in a strange loo involves touching things). So far it seems to be working.

I tend to use 5 or 6 catheters each day. I increased gradually because I have trouble starting to wee in the first place and trouble emptying. I try at least once per day to just go naturally, but even if I can start, I end up wanting to go again very soon after. So I don’t think using catheters frequently is a cause in itself of UTIs.

I’ve not bothered with cranberry juice or tablets or anything else (apart from drinking plenty of water). Whilst I’m at home, I simply stay as clean as possible, using moist toilet wipes for bowels and using baby wipes very frequently both before I catheterise and after. I’ve tended to use bought baby wipes rather than the wet wipes provided by the delivery companies, because they’re stronger and I think work better to keep things clean. I use antibacterial gel on my hands at home too. I think setting a clean routine is the key to avoiding UTIs at home.

The other thing you could consider is the type of catheter you use. It maybe that changing to a different kind could help. It might make it easier to get the catheter straight into the urethra. Or, or course trying different techniques. I’m currently using Lofric. It’s easy to get your delivery company to send you a load of samples so you can see whether something different suits you better.

Good luck with the UTI avoidance!!


Colloidial Silver - is a fantastic anti - everything. You can get spray bottles of it on ebay. l also buy a large bottle and re-fill the smaller sprayers. lt can be used on anything. l gave a bottle to a friend who was plagued with infected tonsils - and was forever on anti-biotics - and losing lots of time off work. She regularly sprays the Colloidial Silver into her throat - and touch wood- has been OK since - to her relief.

You can get silver-tipped catheters for those prone to infection. And l remember when l first had my SPC done - the nurses used a silver dressing on it. lt kills all the nasty hospital infections as well.

That’s interesting Spacejacket. W x

Thank you for your information Sue, much appreciated

Wendy x