UTI after UTI

Hi I have had RRMS for 11 years and I do intermittent self catheterisation but I’m getting UTI after UTI and constantly seem to be on anti-biotics. I don’t want to keep taking drugs, I pump Tysabri into me every month and hate the thought of being on more drugs. Does anyone have any ‘natural’ remedies that they can recommend? Thanks, Helen x

hi helen

D-Mannose is very good (google it)

carole x

Hi, I am on my 4th lot of anti-biotics for UTIs this year!

My GP always says, We must be careful about continued use of ant-bs. Then she writes a script for some.

Now she has referred me for a bladder scan.

I asked her about a supra pubic catheter, as my mobility is really bad and she said they cause UTIs.

Now there are some on here, who do have spc and none or very few utis.

I am drinking cranberry juice, but it hasnt stopped this latest infection.

luv Pollx

Quick question, where can you get D-Mannose from and how do you take it?

Hi Raiser, I have gone through many phases of UTI’s and you have my sympathy! I had a suprapubic catheter and Botox last August that didn’t help the infections. I’ve started taking cranberry capsules from Bio Care and I’ve been infection free since (6/12). I was on constant antibiotics before this. The suprapubic was the best thing for me as I was using ISC but kept spasming and not being able to ‘release’ them! 30 mins+sat on the loo was no fun! I hope you get something that works for you xx


I had constant uti’s for nearly 3 years,continuous antibiotics that never got rid off them just kept them nearly bearable ! My continence nurse suggested that I try cranberry tablets and lo and behold I have not had one since and that was back in November ! I just got them from Asdas. Dirt cheap and a real life quality improvement !

Good luck in finding something to help.