Urine Infections

Hi, not been on here since the forum changed because I found it difficult to navigate but it looks easier now. Anyway got another urine infection but not the needing the loo every two minutes type. This time I feel light headed and dizzy which in turn makes me feel nauseous . Also in turn my balance is wonky. Doctor has given me anti biotic sand something for the dizziness Any suggestions on keeping infections at bay. Heather.

Hi Heather. Last year I had a 6 month long uti. No anti b`s would clear it completely. Drinking cranberry juice didnt help either.

I needed to rush to loo every hour…not great when you`re a full time wheelie. I did stand using a patient turner, but my legs were giving way more and more.

I decided to go for a suprapubic catheter. Been uti free since and now take concentrated cranberry tablets.

Some take D-Manoose tablets to ward off utis.

luv Pollx

As Poll has told you - D-Mannnose is good for keeping your bladder healthy - along with drinking lots of water and cutting down - or out - tea/coffee/cola as caffeine irritates the bladder walls. Apple Cider Vinegar is another excellent way to keep healthy as it is alkhaline - corrects the ‘ph’ - you need to drink it about 3 times a day. Mix 1 tablespoon with honey and hot or cold water.

Colloidal silver also -as a natural anti- biotic/anti-fungal - best to look it up for info. lts used in dressings for wounds that have become infected and hard to heal. Also they make silver tipped catheters for folk who find they get uti’s frequently from catheter use. lt can be sprayed onto infected throats/sinuses/tonsils. lt is a anti-biotic that kills the bad guys but not the good ones - and is useful for cleaning down surfaces to prevent Noro virus/MRSA/ C-dif etc.

l have a SPC - had one for 19yrs now. l rarely get a uti - and l spray the cath site with the silver solution - also take a spoonful orally- keep it in my mouth/under my tongue for about 45 secs before swallowing it. There is - on youtube a clip of a guy in US who somehow makes his own colloidal silver- a very strong type- and had been taking lots of it for years and has now turned his skin a bluish tint. There is always someone who oversteps the ‘barriers’.

l recently had to go to hospital for a total knee replacement - and l took my silver solution with me - and used it to wipe my hands and surfaces etc - to safeguard myself. Especially as the wards were closed to visitors because of infection worries.

Bicarbonate of soda in water is another way of turning an acidic into alkaline bladder.

D-Mannose is the part of cranberry that is so good but in a concentrated form. Not everyone can drink lots of cranberry.

A bladder infection - uti - can make you feel so ill. Often delirious/ feverish - and of course - too many anti-biotics cause a problem as you can get thrush - or even worse become immuned to them. l always take Pro-biotics - to help keep everything healthy.

Thanks for the info from both of you. I shouldn’t complain as it is the first one in 6 months. I can’t imagine having one for 6 months, poor you Poll. I’ll look into D Manoose, that’s a new one on me. Heather xx

A daily tumbler of warm water with a teaspoon of honey stirred in, add a bottle-cap full of cider vinigar. Kept infections at bay for the last few years having been susceptible previously.