New Member For info on Repeated UTI's for female Catheter user

Hiya, I have had MS since 1995, over the last year or so i have had regular recurring UTi’s.

I use intermittant self catheterisation which doctors say encourages the almost monthly UTI’s that i have.

I am now at the stage where only one antibiotic will work for me, and am wondering if anyone else has the same problems and if you have found any respite from the regularity of the UTI’s.

I have been on a course of Homeopathy, which was all guesswork as the practitioner said that she had never experienced anyone with this problem who self catheterises before.

The only suggestion from the Urology Consultant who seems to be single minded in respect of me having a Suprapubic catheter inserted into the bladder.

Any useful information will be greatly appreciated. Jane

Hi there!

Seems to me the best idea would be to have an SPC fitted. I have this…not completely trouble free but good for the most part.

I can see how ISC can cause utis.


Hi Jane
I went through the same thing last year and ended up with a bladder stone from so many UTI’s that then caused even more UTI’s.
I do now have a suprapubic catheter and it’s the best thing I’ve done. You can still get infections but much less and easier to detect early. Any questions just ask, happy to try and help.
Sam x

Thank you

Thank you

thanks for your info but can you please let me know if you think i
would be able to cope with doing whatever needs to be done with it as
due to MS i have limited use of my left hand and am often on my own
for a week or so at a time which is ok as i have a power chair to move
around in. Also have you any experience of botox for the bladder as i
wonder if this might help reduce number of times i need to self
catherise and therefore reduce infections

Jane x

Hi Jane
I think you’d be ok. You have to push a night bag into your day bag each night (a tube pushed into another tube). Then pull them apart in the morning, quite easy. You obviously have to empty the bags but that is usually a push button that doesn’t take much effort. Once a week you have to change the day bag and that does take a bit more strength in your hands. Might be something worth discussing with your urologist.
If you don’t get on with it I believe you can easily get it removed (simply pulled out and left to heal)
Unfortunately I don’t have any experience of bladder bottox.
Sam x