3 CONSECUTIVE Bladder Infections - Any advice please

I’ve been free of uti’s for 2 years but they came back in January and now I’m on my 3rd in 8 weeks !

My tummy swells, I feel the need to pass urine very frequently (sometimes only seconds after I’ve been). Then pain starts, a cold chill goes right through me & literally gives me goosebumps on my arms & legs.

To wake this morning with a 3rd uti is SO distressing. I only finished the last lot of anti b’s last week!

Last year I began with bowel problems. The continence nurse came to see me & I occasionally use a small plug to help the bowel incontinence and to help me avoid extreme embarrassment. I find them ok to use but I wear a pad most days and some nights.

I’m at my wits end and wonder if this is just part and parcel of MS. Can anyone give any advice?

chrissie, you are not alone in this

i have also been plagued with UTIs 6 since december! wondering if antibiotics are going to become resistant for me.

i have started self catheterising and although i hate it, in some ways it has helped.

i feel fairly confident to go out now.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole, oh dear, 6 uti’s since December is really bad for you.

Sometimes, just knowing others have similar or the same problems gives reassurance.

Before the MS diagnosis, a urologist thought I had stress incontinence. I self catheterised and took a daily anti biotic up until I had a TVT operation (hoists my bladder up). The op did stop bladder incontinence so no need for catheter and I stopped the daily anti biotic.

MS dx 15 months ago and the biggest problem is my bowel, hence the need for pads.

When I woke to the severity and frequency this morning, I just wondered if this is how MS life is going to be. I found it soothing to sit in a bath of hot water but it’s not practical to do that every few hours.

Do you have the cold chills of the pain?


have u tried cranberry of some sort? i dont think its possible to drink the amount required every day but i take the capsules twice daily in the hope that they help maintain a healthy urinary tract…i am guessing too many antibiotics will give u even more problems in the long run…

ellie x

Cranberry juice and lots of water helping. I’ll buy some capsules asap. I agree about the anti b’s Ellie, thanks

Chrissie x

to help relieve symptoms you could try drinking bicarbonate of soda…tastes disgusting but a teaspoon dissolved in half a cup of water as and when the symptoms start can neutralise acidity and - with lots of water - flush everything out.

hope this might be of some help as i am feeling your pain! :frowning:

vicky xxx

Hi Chrissie,

Have they checked to see if you are retaining urine? If you’re not emptying your bladder fully, due to the MS, then you will be prone to more UTIs. They can scan you to check, it’s nothing invasive, but it might be where your problem is coming from. I’ve been catheterising for 5 years as my bladder wasn’t emptying properly. Hope you start feeling better soon.

BF x

I have had three spells in hospital with UTIs. Urologist advised that I take cysticlean. You can buy in good health shops and since then I have been grand. I also take one antibiotic nightly. This and drinking a lot of water. Cysticlean not cheap but worth every penny. Good luck.

Thanks for your advice, I’m truly grateful.