Urinary Tract Infections ~ SEX ~ MS

Hi all

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, 7 years to be exact!

I hope you can help or share some of your own personal experience or advice to help me with what I am / have been going through since January (this year).

I have had a new partner since January who I have recently moved in with and so far all is great apart one thing, I have reoccurring UTI, I have had at least 10 so far, and even though I have followed all the advice given to me by medical professionals, I am STILL getting UTI’s.

Even though I have continuously spoken to my MS nurse about this I have still not recieved an apppointment to see a urologist, she has refered me ‘twice’.

There was also an occasion when I was unable to pass stools for up to a weak and was in severe pain. My MS nurse mentioned that I had a lazy bowel, which was MS related, and reffered me to a specialist. It’s been almost 7months since and I still have not received my refferal. Luckily, my body went back to normal.

I am however still suffering with UTI.

Any advice?



Hiya (: Constant UTIs are awful and can really get you down and what a pain trying to see an expert you’re having. I have a suprapubic catheter and I swear by Apple cider vinegar keeping my bladder in good order and I haven’t had a UTI in well over a year. I take it by tablet form but you can drink it neat or diluted. I don’t know if it’ll help you but it certainly does for me. All the best. Jane


You definitely need to see a urologist. I went through a period of getting repeat UTIs a few years back. Have been on a low-level daily antibiotic ever since and touch-wood, have not had one again, nor any obvious side effects. Remember to try and drink as much water as you can too to keep that bladder regularly flushed!

Good luck



i too am a fan of acv (apple cider vinegar) one spooful straight every morning. cranberry tablet daily too. the juice has too much sugar in it for me.

uti’s are horrible and with current media attention about antibiotics then prevention must be better and save the anti b’s for when urgently needed. (i appreciate that with some uti’s thats the case)

hope u find a solution for u.


Thanks for sharing all!!! You have all provided very helpful advice. I will mostly definitely be trying Apple Cider Vinegar and cranberry tablets as I’ve heard a lot of good things.

I would like to avoid small dose antibiotics if I can, as I don’t want to become resistant. I also don’t like the idea to having to continuously take tablets (unless its for MS).

UTI’s are an absolute nightmare. I have registered with my new GP Clinic so fingers crossed this will all be sorted. In the meantime I am knocking back antibiotics and they are working a treat. Lol

Onwards and upwards! :slight_smile:


There’s always D-Mannose as well. That’s supposed to help. Not sure how much faith I have in it, but some people swear by it for avoiding infections.

You really should push for an appointment with a urologist. Get your GP on the case. It could be that you’re not emptying your bladder effectively, so any residual urine is spawning bacteria. That’s where apple cider vinegar / cranberry / D-Mannose would help.

But if you are retaining urine, it might be that you could think about self catheterisation to empty. It sounds a lot scarier than it is. And I’ve been doing it for several years and am mostly infection free. The only time I’ve been plagued by infections is when I had a Supra Pubic Catheter. Which I had removed because of them.


Hi someone also mentioned taking a vitamin c tablet just before bedtime helps. I am just trialling this.

I kept getting infection after having sex with my husband. I found a great doctor that had just read an article about it. I now take one tablet within two hours of sex. It has now stopped. The tablet is an antibiotic. A simple solution but it’s worked great. That doctor was great the others just said use condom that’s fine but we are trying for children.

Hope that helps you.