Sick of UTIs

Just spent my 3rd stint in hospital with another UTI. I swear, it’ll be the death of me. 4 people on my ward were alcoholics. I know alcoholism is a disease but they really took the biscuit. Our hospitals are full of the obese and drunks. No wonder NHS Trust can’t afford MS drugs.


have u tried cranberry capsules and d-manose (?sp) to help prevent uti’s? few posts recently re this.

the nhs issues, i aint getting into!


Hi Monty

I would have to agree with you. My sister in law is an alcoholic and has had lots of help from the NHS and friends and family. She reverts back to drinking as soon as she has any money. Did you see “24 Hours in A & E” on wednesday night? The father of a young alcoholic likened alcoholism to cancer or MS. Not really sure I would agree with him. If someone said to me following a certain treatment programme would cure MS, I would always give it a go. What some people fail to grasp is that the NHS simply will not be able to cope with the increase in alcoholism and diabetes resulting from bad diets. It seems that some people’s philosophy is that whatever harm they do to their bodies, the NHS will be able to sort it.

Hope you feel better soon, haven’t seen you here in ages.


Cranberry and d-manose don’t help me.

I am still un Dx at the mo but have been referred to the Contiance service for frequency and urgency problems. Took Oxbutynin worked at first then stopped, then Tolerate? Took it for 2 weeks ended up with a UTI, given 3 days antibiotics, a week later it was back, stopped taking it. Back at Drs it was same infection, they had sent if off and mega infection. A weeks worth of antibiotics. Put on Vesicare, finished tablets Weds night. Back at Drs with sample this am- still not cleared up! Given yet another weeks worth of antibiotics and told I will need a full waterworks scan if it does not clear up this time? Not had a UTI in 15 years, I’m married, female and who has the energy for sex? Not me! Do not use soap or wear tight clothes. Is this yet another MS problem I will have to learn to live with. Dr said if it gets worse over weekend then I need to go to A & E! What joy!! Thank god for the Radar key, that’s if I manage to get out of the house!