After my second lot of antibiotics I am sure I still have a uti. I have to go back to the gp on Monday with another sample, if i still have it will I get another course of antibiotics? Any help suggestions would be appreciated as I am now getting a bit pi—ed off . Thanks. Karen x

Maybe they could also give something like potassium citrate

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear you are still having problems, surely the doc's have got something that will get rid of it for you. In the mean time I'm sending you loads of ((((((HUGS))))))



Thanks Janet, will see what she says on Mon, getting me down now. Good news I have at last been given the number of a local ms nurse as my original one who I have to say is wonderful but since moving is too far away. So I will ring her on mon too. Hope things ok with you xxxx

Hi Karen,

Glad you've now got a new ms nurse let's pray she can sort your problem out for you. Fingers crossed and do let us know how you get on.



Thanks Janet will let you know, but at least Wimbledon starts tomorrow, that will make me sit down and not move lol xxx

So we have a lot more in common, I just l o v e Wimbledon and god help anyone if they interupt me! Enjoy.




Cranberry is probably the most commonly recommended natural remedy. Apparently pills are more effective than cranberry juice (plus they're cheaper, and mean you don't need to drink a very sugary drink). I get mine online. Have you had a bladder scan done? If you're not emptying your bladder properly then you'll be at greater risk of getting UTIs.

Hope it clears up soon.


Thanks Dan I think that’s the next thing the gp suggested, will find out more tomorrow Karen

Hi Karen,

I find that when I get a UTI it often needs several sets of antibiotics before it goes. I have been known to have one for more than a month. I coincidentally had to see the GP last week for one myself. Am hoping that the antibiotics have worked the first time this time, fingers crossed.

I hope you get something that sorts it. I am on a prophylactic (preventative) dose of trimethoprim and cranberry tablets to keep these at bay. My last one was Christmas so it is working quite well.

Get well soon - I know how horrible they are!

Teresa xx

Hi, Teresa thanks for the reply, I am going to go and get some cranberry tablets tomorrow as a few people have recommended them. Anything is worth a go as this infection has really brought me down. Thanks again Karen x

I've just come out of hospital after a 3 day stay with my very 1st UTI (it was my birthday aswell!)

I'd had no symptoms apart from generally feeling unwell - but then my temperature rocketed and when the paramedics came I had a temperature of 40.3. When they tested my urine they said it tested positive for everything!!

Thankfully after IV and oral antibiotics I'm starting to feel slightly more human and really hope it doesn't happen again!


Sarah x